My Top 10 Playlist For Fall

Music is quite a big part of everyone’s lives. It’s something that helps us to relax or to help hype us up. As someone that listens to music 24/7, I thought it would be fun to share my own personal Top 10 list for fall.


you should see me in a crown by Billie Eilish

I just discovered the song last week and I can honestly say that I’m in love with it. I enjoy the distribution of the bass when you listen to it with headphones or in the car. The entire beat and rhythm of the song is catchy and, in my personal opinion, relaxing. Also, I really like Billie’s voice. This kind of music is one of my favorite genres and it gives me inspiration and relaxes me to do my own writing or my homework or any other relaxing hobbies I have.


Ghost of You by 5 Seconds of Summer

5SOS is one of my favorite bands and their new album is my favorite one to date. This particular song is pretty different from songs that they’ve done in the past. The lyrics are poetic, which I as an English minor appreciate. I really love how it embodies Luke Hemmings’ voice as well. Calum Hood also sings a verse, which is also beautifully done. You can hear the passion and emotion in both of their voices, which is something so powerful and important when it comes to music. My personal favorite part is the bridge where it’s mainly just Luke singing with little accompaniment in the background.


raindrops (an angel cried) by Ariana Grande

This is the opening track of Ariana’s latest album, Sweetener. It’s short, but I love the acapella and how she’s showing off her beautiful voice. The vibrato is beautiful, along with the ending high note. It’s a perfect intro song for the album.


Flicker by Niall Horan​

The title track of Niall’s debut solo album is my personal favorite of his. While it’s an extremely sad song, it also gives off that cozy vibe because of the light guitar and his soft singing. It’s also amazing performed live, but there’s not a version of that without fangirl’s screaming.


Far From Home (The Raven) by Sam Tinnesz

This song reminds me of a rainy and foggy fall day. The singer’s voice fits the song perfectly and the lyrics are poetic as well. It’s another one of those that can keep me motivated and inspired to write because it has that calming vibe to it. My favorite part is the tambourine sound in the background of it. It gives it a good beat.


Girls Your Age by Transviolet

The creepiness of this song is what drew me into it straight away. There isn’t really that much music behind it, which gives it a unique element. In an odd way it’s relaxing and also easy to sing to. The story that the lyrics tell is also interesting.


She Wouldn’t Be Gone by Blake Shelton

This is by far my favorite Blake Shelton song in existence. It’s country, but it’s not that boring old country song that talks about the same thing. It’s talking about love, but it’s somehow different than other country songs. Also, I like the story that it tells and the visual that it gives. It actually helped me to come up with a chapter in a story that I was writing a few years ago. It was one of those songs that I became obsessed with for a solid week and felt the overwhelming urge to write something relating to it, so I did. It’s one of my favorite scenes that I’ve ever written and I think about that particular scene every time I hear it.


Girl Crush (cover) by Harry Styles

I couldn’t possibly create this playlist without Harry Styles. This cover is actually one that I would say is almost as good as the original, if not better. The way his voice hangs on each lyric and how he puts emotion into each word is just something that I find to be so beautiful. I also like how it’s not so much focused on the guitar as it is Harry’s voice. In the original, her voice blends with the music a little bit more. It’s still beautiful, but Harry put a different focus on it. It could just be because his voice is deeper, but he could still soften his volume, which he didn’t. So, well done, Harold.


Bohemian Rhapsody (cover) by The Forest Rangers + The White Buffalo

Covers of Bohemian Rhapsody usually are pretty hard to do. This one, however, gives it a completely different and unique twist. It’s featured on the TV show, Sons of Anarchy. During the episode it plays on, it isn’t particularly a scene that the original Queen song would be able to embody. This version gives it different elements, almost a “creepy” vibe if you will, especially with the children in the beginning. It still captures the essence of the original, but it isn’t exactly the same. It’s more of a slow and less upbeat version.


House of the Rising Sun - Season 4 Finale Version by The White Buffalo + The Forest Rangers

This song was also featured in Sons of Anarchy. It’s more of a haunting version, which is perfect for this time of year in my personal opinion. I like how they change the lyrics to “Charming Town” to make it more personal to the show as well. I like how deep the singer’s voice is. It gives it that haunting element. It also just reminds me of a crew of bikers riding down the road. Okay, maybe it’s because I’ve binged Sons of Anarchy in two months, but nevertheless.