My Experience Interviewing JK Scott

When I first heard that then-Alabama punter JK Scott was the Green Bay Packers 5th round draft pick in late April, I didn’t even fathom that I would be personally interviewing him seven months later.

Before we get into it, let me introduce you to the Packers’ #6.

JK Scott is the rookie punter for the Green Bay Packers. He played for the Alabama Crimson Tide at the University of Alabama and was titled the nation’s best punter. His record punt was against Ohio State, which was a 73 yarder. JK was one of four punters drafted in the 2018 NFL draft class. He’s known for being able to have high floaters and being able to “flip the field” in his team’s favor.

You might be asking how I had gotten this interview or why I even had to interview him in the first place. For one of my classes, I was assigned to write a profile story about someone. It was two days after I had gotten back from my trip to the first regular season Packer game and also since I had met JK again. Being that I had football on the mind, I thought it would be so cool if I could interview him. It would’ve been cool to interview any Packer, but I wanted to interview this one because he interested me more than just a football player.

Now, I’m a socially awkward individual that gets shy and nervous talking to people I don't know or people that have been blessed in the looks department like Mr. JK Scott has been. I just did some hunting around and was given his agent’s contact information. I debated on it for a few days, thinking how neat it would be but also telling myself that I was going to pee my pants if it actually happened. I had the email all composed and ready to go for about a week.  After having conversations with my roommate, parents, and my professor about it, I finally decided that I would send it. With a squeal, I pressed the send button and awaited the answer that I would get two weeks later.

Obviously, I got the go ahead to interview him. It took a few weeks to get scheduled, which was completely okay since it was the middle of the season. I was just thankful for the opportunity. I didn’t care when it happened - I was just grateful.

Coincidentally, it happened the week of Thanksgiving. I thought that was kind of funny, in which I had texted to his agent. It was something that I am extremely thankful for because not only did I get to have an in depth conversation with one of my favorite football players, but I had proven to myself that I wasn’t some shy and nervous mess.

The interview was over the phone, which I was lowkey happier with because I think I would’ve been a sobbing mess if it were to have been in person. Interviewing JK went really well. I talked to him for a little over half an hour. Right away, he made me feel comfortable. He was very sweet, soft spoken, and relaxed. It helped to make me feel relaxed, which I didn’t expect at all. I wasn’t fangirling or anything - I was calm, collective, and able to be myself. I was able to make the interview a conversation and come up with questions off the top of my head.

Throughout the interview, I noticed just how wise he was for being only twenty-two years old. His outlook on life was so...admirable. Everything about him is admirable. He’s a very grateful individual and very humble, which is, well, humbling.

When I told myself that 2018 was going to be full of great things, I didn’t expect it to include something as wonderful as this.