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Mr. Campus Cutie: Evan Ludowese

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UW Stout chapter.

Name: Evan LudoweseHometown: Stewart, MNProgram of Emphasis: Business AdministrationRelationship Status: In a relationship 

HC: Tell us about yourself!

EL: My name is Evan and I am 23 years old. I’m currently finishing up my last semester of college this spring. I played football here at UW-Stout and through that I met some pretty great people.  Other than playing football some of my hobbies are wakeboarding, hunting, and fishing.

HC: Do you have any exciting plans for this summer?

EL: I will be working quite a bit, but I will be spending as much time as I possibly can on the lake wakeboarding and hopefully getting to plan a trip there with some friends.

HC: What do you enjoy most about UW-Stout?

EL: I think the thing that I enjoy the most about Stout is the people. It is always a fun place to be.

HC: Where is your favorite place to go on the weekends?

EL: I would definitely say that I spend a good amount of my weekends at Kahootz.

HC: Describe yourself in three words.

EL: Optimistic, competitive, and driven.

HC: Do you have any siblings? If so, how similar or different are they compared to you?

EL: I have both a brother and a sister. My brother goes to Stout as well and was able to play football on the Stout team with me. My brother and I are very similar and actually look a lot alike. My sister goes to school in Eau Claire, WI and runs track there. Sports have always kept me and my siblings very close.

HC: That’s awesome! Who is your celebrity crush?

EL: Blake Lively

HC: What are guys usually thinking about on a first date?

EL: We’re ususally wondering what the girl is thinking about and if we made a good first impression.

HC: What is one thing guys wish girls knew?

EL: We cannot read minds.

HC: What is a fashion trend that most girls love, but most guys hate?

EL: High waisted shorts or pants.

HC: What would you say is your dream job?

EL: I grew up on a farm and it has always been my dream to follow that path. I will be farming right after I graduate.

HC: What is something most people don’t know about you?

EL: I am a pretty shy person. 

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