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Money Saving Apps

Saving money is huge, especially with being a college student who is all about saving every penny they can. I have done some research on which apps save you the most money and is fun and easy to use. All these apps you can find in your android or apple app store for free.

Cartwheel by Target

If you are all about Target, like I am, you will love this app if you don’t already use it. It is basically a coupon app where you are in control of choosing which coupons you want to add. The app breaks the store into sections such as home goods, food, clothing, and others. You simply add the deal you want into your cart and have the cashier scan the barcode at the end of the transaction.


A super easy way to build up points to earn gift cards. The point is to get you to go shopping at selected stores featured around your area. You gain points by simply walking into the store, inviting friends to use the app, and by making purchases. You just need to follow the steps on the app. Once you get a certain number of points, you can redeem them for gift cards to your favorite stores.


This is a wonderful app is for those who need a coupon right now. They carry coupons for stores like J Crew, Bloomingdales, Starbucks, Target, and hundreds more. You can also look for deals at stores in your area. You just have to show the coupon barcode at the register!


This app is designed for companies to set deals just for the LivingSocial community such as half off dinners at certain restaurants and fun activities you can do with your friends. There are new deals every day.




Hannah is currently a freshmen at the University of Wisconsin - Stout. She is studying Business Administration. Along with Her Campus, she enjoys sand volleyball, Netflix, and cats. 
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