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Meet NRHH Secretary-Olivia Coroneos!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UW Stout chapter.

She’s amongst the top 1% of student leaders on campus, she’s a double major with a taste for food sciences, and one well-rounded Stoutie! Check out this week’s campus celeb and her latest NRHH donation project, which couldn’t have been done without the help from committee members, Hannah Jirak and Brynn Deaver. Meet Olivia Coroneos!

Name: Olivia Coroneos

Major: 1st Major: Food Science and Technology

            2nd Major: Family and Consumer Sciences Education

Year: Junior

Hometown: Howard, WI (Green Bay Area)

HC: What made you choose to attend UW-Stout?

OC: Food science was the first reason I came to Stout. I had a Culinary Arts teacher in high school that I became close to and she knew I was interested in the food industry. She helped me find Stout, but it was the tour and atmosphere of campus that made me fall in love. The minute we got into Menomonie, I knew it was the place for me.

HC: What’s your favorite thing(s) about Stout?

OC: The people I would say. I used to be very shy and introverted in high school and when I came here, the positive attitude and friendliness of so many people around me helped me break out of my shell.

HC: How are you involved on campus/in the community?

OC: I was inducted into NRHH my spring semester of freshman year and it is the main thing I am involved in. I am currently the secretary and love everyone that is a part of our org. I am also involved in the Stout Association of Family and Consumer Sciences, but am fairly new this year and am learning more about the org and how they are involved on campus, but I really enjoy getting to know more people in my second major.

HC: What is the National Residence Hall Honorary and how did you get involved?

OC: The National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) is a housing organization that represents the top 1% of student leaders on campus. We have focus in 4 main values including, leadership, recognition, academics, and service. Every semester we begin recruitment for the next semester and we do this by “shoulder tapping,” where we recognize potential leaders on campus by sending them letters and asking them to come to a social gathering where they can ask us questions and learn more about the org; we then start the application, interview, and induction process. This is how the process worked for me and how I became involved in NRHH.

HC: Tell us about your Clothing Drive for The Bridge to Hope and how we can contribute!

OC: Being the Secretary, I am also the head of the service committee. Every fall semester we try to do one donation project to give back. Last year we made mini tie blankets for the humane society and the year before that they knitted scarves for the Winter Haven. This year, we contacted Bridge to Hope and they requested warm clothing for the families that come in. You can contribute by simply donating to the cause. Winter clothing is needed for adults and children and all donations are greatly appreciated. 

HC: What other things does the NRHH have planned for the rest of the year?

OC: The academics committee usually plans studying events around finals time. There are usually ARCs and some RAs that come and help with study and homework tips. The leadership committees main focus is the recruitment, and interviews and inductions are coming up so we are excited to have more student leaders join us. The recognition committee is involved in the regional, state, and national levels of our org. The state conference is coming up in February at UW-Oshkosh where members can meet other NRHH/RHA members from other schools. The service committee will be holding some other types of fundraisers throughout the year, and this weekend we plan on going through the training for the Special Olympics that we will be volunteering at next semester. Our largest event for next semester will be Relay for Life; we partner with our sister org, RHA, and help raise money during the event. I hope to make it the full 12 hours this year!

HC: What are you plans and aspirations for the future?

OC: Having 2 majors, I am not really sure what path I will decide to take. I hope to work in the food industry (and travel) for a few years and then see about going to graduate school. If I decide that the food industry is not for me, then I hope to find a rural town where I can settle down and teach.


Favorite TV Show: Once Upon a Time

Ideal Vacation Destination: A cute little cabin in the woods

Favorite Spot in Menom/on campus: I have a favorite tree on campus between HKMC and South Hall that helps me slow down and appreciate the little things.

Dream Job: If I go the food science route, a flavor tech in the food industry. If I go into teaching, a small town school.

Jackie is currently a UW-Stout junior pursing a major in Professional Communications and Emerging Media with a concentration in Applied Journalism, working towards a career in Public Relations. Jackie is the Campus Correspondent, as well as a Feature and Campus Celebrity writer for the UW-Stout chapter. Originally from the east coast, Jackie has lived in the unfavorably cold state of Minnesota for most of her life. She enjoys blogging, music, spending time with her friends and family, cheering on her favorite MA sports teams, comedies, and simply getting up and being active. Jackie has many plans and aspirations, but has just begun her future as a writer.