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Jaclyn Hill’s Newest Videos Prove We can All Get Through Difficult Times

Jaclyn Hill is one of the biggest names in the YouTube beauty community. Her pristine blending skills, original looks and crazy, yet friendly personality has gained her 5.5 million followers. Her video about how to contour taught every woman on YouTube how to get those perfectly cut cheekbones. She has also been making her own name in the cosmetics industry. She had a record-breaking release for her highlighter, “Champagne Pop,” in collaboration with Becca Cosmetics and produced several collaborations with Morphe that included an eyeshadow pallet, a vault collection and a makeup brush set.

Hill is a staple in the beauty community. After working at MAC Cosmetics, Hill started her YouTube Channel in 2012. Being in the YouTube beauty community, she has not been immune to scandals and controversies. Most recently, she has come under fire with her Morphe X Jaclyn Hill The Vault eyeshadow collection. After PR was sent out, the pallet received negative reviews regarding quality. After an investigation, Morphe found inconsistencies in pressing the shadows. Hill was informed by Morphe that the pallets were recalled and destroyed by the manufacturer, but some fans of the pallet still insist that their pallets are low quality.

Just last year, Hill faced controversy over the video, “Get Ready With Me & Kim Kardashian.” Leading up the video, Hill exclaimed she was excited. She faced backlash from viewers about “annoying” Kardashian. Hill hado to explain her side of the story in a follow-up video about the filming and editing of the video. Two months ago, Hill created a reaction video and was able to laugh at herself.

On May 16, Hill and her ex-husband, Jon Hill, announced their divorce on Instagram. The two said they had grown apart and in a video to fans, Hill said living together felt like “having a roommate” more than being in a married relationship. This was just months after the couple had bought a house and adopted two new dogs together. Shortly after purchasing the house, Hill had to evacuate as the house was in the path of a hurricane. Thankfully, the house remained standing, but her and Jon’s marriage was in shambles. Even before announcing the divorce, fans noticed something about Hill was off. The two are still going through the breakup, but there are rumors Jaclyn has a new man.

In the months following, her videos seemed more promotional than informational. Loved for her beauty insights, recommendations of exceptional products and willingness to share makeup secrets with her millions of followers, it seemed like every time Hill uploaded a video, it was to promote one of her new products or react to drama. While there were some beauty tutorials and fun videos, such as a “mukbang” with James Charles, she had honestly seemed to have lost a little bit of spark. But hey, anyone going through a divorce after a nine-year marriage and finding themselves in the middle of a high-profile makeup scandal with one a company you trust wouldn’t feel like themselves.

That’s why I was so happy to when “Get Ready With Me in The Car Ft. My BFF” was uploaded. It was exciting to see her and her long-time best friend answer fan questions and try to navigate while doing makeup (Hill was doing her makeup while her friend was driving because safety first). Viewers could laugh along with the BFFs as Hill showed off her impressive makeup skills. Even after pointing out imperfections in her makeup, she was still flawless.

Hill also gave viewers an insight into her annual Halloween party in her newest Halloween themed video. She opened her home and personal relationships to her viewers, showcasing her creepily decorated home, as well as her interacting with family and friends. Like her previous video, it was nice to see her celebrating with those closest to her and letting loose, while also inviting viewers into parts of her personal life.

It seems like Hill has been opening up into her personal life by involving her family and friends. While she has gone through some struggles in the past couple months, it is nice to see her spunky self in the spotlight again. A divorce, video backlash and cosmetics release scandal would put stress on anyone and she had not seemed like herself the past couple months. Seeing her back to her cheery self will make both casual fans and hardcore subscribers excited to see what she has in the future.

Kendra Lamer

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