The Iconic "Charlie Florence"

Michael Du Mez AKA “Charlie Florence” is PONG’s promoter and Her Campus UW Stout’s favorite Twitch Streamer. PONG has a handful of Twitch streamers in their midst, but Michael’s streams stand out with his upbeat energy and action-packed games. 

He streams shooter and strategy games but will from time-to-time play Minecraft and Papa’s Burgeria. If you get the vibe that Michael’s an athlete, you’re not completely off. While he doesn’t follow sports himself, he keeps himself updated just enough to keep up with his friends through sports diffusion. His specialty involves knowing certain people for every sport, such as Christian Yelich for baseball, and Patrick Mahomes for football. And because he’s “Charlie Florence” he puts his own spin on that sometimes and says things like “The 49ers would have won the Superbowl this year with Christian Yelich”. 

Beyond making up sports statistics, Michael also plays some sports himself. He’s playing basketball right now and has done discus and shotput in the past. While he may not know a lot about sports, his friend group is full of gamers and sports lovers.

What makes Michael so engaging to be around and watch stream on Twitch? Is it his giant water bottle that he likes to call the “big gulp”? His random shrieking? Maybe how he gets along with everyone? Her Campus Stout is a huge fan of Michael, and only one of us has actually met him. But you don’t have to actually meet Michael to get the full Charlie Florence affect. 

Former PONG President Matt Gunderson has a theory. Michael is a really easy-going person that vibes with everyone. “You don’t know how talented he is at something because he thinks it’s more entertaining to mess around.” We could have not said it better. He is the best non-woman feminist gamer that is beloved by his female driven audience.

When Michael isn’t crushing it with video games, he’s serving as the President of the Internet Security Professionals and a Target Area Leader for Cru, leading bible studies and outreach with one of the Stout residence halls 

What can’t Michael “Charlie Florence” Du Mez do? See for yourself at his Twitch channel: