How to Stay Safe at Keg Krawl

A nice big drinking event throughout your college town is the closest thing that many college students have to Coachella. It may be tempting to throw caution to the wind and just wing your time at this event, but you'll be sure to maximize your super fun experience with a few simple tips.

  1. 1. Buy What You Need to Succeed

    As soon as you hear about Keg Krawl happening, make sure to order the advertised shirt, wristband, or other accessory needed to get into the event with ease. If you wait too long to order, you'll have to be one of those scrubs asking around for an extra one at a 15% markup.

  2. 2. Get A Good Night's Sleep

    If it's your first time going to an event like this, you may find yourself too excited to get any sleep. Go easy the night before and wake up with enough energy to take on a full day's worth of activities.

  3. 3. Eat A Nice Big Breakfast

    Get ahead of the game and have a nice spread before going out. Look to see if the organizers of the event have arranged for free or discounted food available nearby. If you're not able to stop somewhere beforehand, make something for yourself or friends before leaving. Set yourself up for success with helpings of eggs, avocado, yogurt, and cereal. You'll be thanking yourself in a few hours!

  4. 4. Ready Your Squad

    Don't go to an event like this by yourself! Get your girl gang together to take full opportunity of the day of fun that awaits. Have a plan to meet up somewhere before time and get everyone prepared to be safe while you're having fun. Do a check to see that everyone has all the necessities. You may feel it best to assign your group a squad captain, sober leader, and/or buddies for the day. Make sure everyone in the group has each other's contact information and try to remember what everyone is wearing in case of emergency.

  5. 5. Apply Sunscreen

    Unless the weather is terrible, you're probably going to be out in the direct sunlight for several hours throughout the day. To avoid a nasty sunburn, be extra generous with applying the SPF. Continue applying as needed.

  6. 6. Have Your ID Ready

    Don't assume that you can leave your ID at home. A large event with lots of planning like this will be doing everything it can to keep everyone safe. Because of this, ID cards are required, and you may be asked throughout the day to verify your details for event staff, security, or police officers. Be prepared and keep it within arm’s reach.

  7. 7. Stick to One Type of Alcohol

    Stay consistent with your alcohol drinking. Whether you're drinking beer, liquor, or wine coolers, it's best to drink with caution and not mix them together.

  8. 8. Drink Water Throughout

    You can mix in water whenever you want though! Keep yourself hydrated and alert as much as possible with taking in some water as much as you can. With the sun beating down on you, and the alcohol moving through your system, it would be easy to forget just how easy it is to become dehydrated. So, take some sips every now and again, and make sure your crew is as well.

  9. 9. Take Breaks As Needed

    There's going to be a lot going on throughout the day, and you don't need to be there for anything. Take some time to walk around, eat some food, take a few dozen selfies, and get in some quality time with your girls!

  10. 10. Be Careful With Transporting Alcohol

    As you're walking from house to house, and around town, make sure that you're being safe and smart with transporting alcohol. It's illegal in most places to walk around in public drinking out of a solo cup or bottle of booze. If you plan on carrying a bottle around during the day, keep it sealed in a bag. Don't drink it where you're not supposed to, and don't bring attention to yourself while carrying it. Doing this will save you quite the hefty fine for a public intoxication ticket.

  11. 11. Do A Final Headcount

    Everything seems to be winding down, and your group wants to go back home. Even though you're probably exhausted and internally begging for rest, there's one more thing you have to do before settling down.  Do a headcount of your crew! Make sure everyone has the buddy they walked in with, their phone and ID, and any bag they brought. It'll only take a few minutes, and it'll give you eternal satisfaction in knowing that everyone is safe and accounted for.

However you choose to partake in this event; just make sure you're safe and having a good time! This is what you're going to remember after graduation.