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How To Set Up For Summer Success

With the long-awaited Spring Break finally here, it signals that we are officially halfway through the spring semester.  In a couple of months, the sweet taste of summer will be ours.  And although the Spring Career Conference is behind us, there are still many ways to set yourself up for summer success.  After all, your career isn’t put on hold because the sun is shining!

1. Research employers.

Even if companies aren’t advertising open positions, they’ll often have internship programs in place during the summer months.  Look into the companies you’re interested in.  Find out what they do, what their values are, what they’re interested in.  Cater your resume to the skills that they’re looking for, and the chances are you’ll be noticed.

2. Do some volunteering.

Although classes aren’t yet over, there are plenty of service opportunities that can beef up your resume.  Many organizations on campus make service a priority.  Whether you take the time to socialize the animals at the Dunn County Humane Society, or you help out at the local shelter, you’re demonstrating to employers that you can manage your time well and your values are in order.  Besides, you’ll feel empowered that you’re helping to make the world a little brighter.

3. Finish the semester strong.

Now that the shiny and newness of the semester is gone, it’s easy to get a little lazy with your coursework and attendance.  Your GPA is a telltale sign of your work ethic in the perspective of potential employers.  Be sure to stay motivated and continue making your grades a priority.

4. Work on your portfolio.

If your future career has any possibility of valuing end product over process, your portfolio is your key to impressing companies.  No matter your year in schooling, take record of any big projects or assignments you do for your major.  Employers will value seeing results, and take note that you take pride in your work.


Kate is a junior at University of Wisconsin Stout.  She is a Professional Communication and Emerging Media major, with a concentration in Applied Journalism and a minor in Speech Communication.   Very soon she will also be dual majoring in Digital Marketing Technology. Her interests include blogging, writing, swing dancing, watching movies and (yes) training llamas back home.  Check out her blog at http://collegiettebyday.com
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