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How to Incorporate Essential Oils into Your Beauty Routines

We’ve all heard about the recent craze of essential oils and aromatherapy. This is also something that I have personally gotten into, and I absolutely love it. We all know the basic aromatherapy diffusers and other oil burners but what about incorporating them into your daily life? Using the right oils for the right thing can greatly improve your life. Read below for some great recipes and ideas on how to do just that! 


Morning Routine:



  • For a fresh homemade facewash that aids in getting rid of acne, mix a few drops of tea tree oil and honey. Rub an even layer on your face in the morning and rinse with warm water.


  • Put a few drops of peppermint oil on your wrists in the morning. This will help to wake you and your senses up while your getting ready!


Makeup Routine:



  • Adding a few drops of lavender oil will help eliminate eye redness. It will also make your eyes look brighter!


  • Make your own setting spray! All you need is a small travel size spray bottle, rose, tea tree and lemon oil, some water, and glycerin (this can be found at stores like Rite Aid, Walgreens, and Walmart). Start by filling the bottle with 1 part glycerin and 3 part water. Add 4 drops of tea tree oil, 3 drops of rose oil, and 1 drop of lemon oil. Mix it all up and you’re good to go for the day!


  • To get rid of acne, use melaleuca oil as a spot treatment. Blemishes will be gone in as little as a day or two!


Hair Routine: 



  • For very dry hair, use rose, sandalwood, or lavender oil. Mix a few drops into a small amount of jojoba oil and massage into hair. Leave in for 30 minutes and then wash out.


  • For very oily hair, mix cedar wood, eucalyptus, or chamomile oil into a very small amount of jojoba oil. As with the above recipe, massage into your hair, concentrating on your roots. Leave in for 30 minutes and wash out.


Shower Routine:



  • Use essential oils in the shower to either wake you up, or to get you ready for a good nights sleep. Put 3 to 5 drops of oil on a wash cloth. While showering, place the washcloth on your chest and allow the heat of the water to release the vapors of the oil. Use eucalyptus, peppermint, or orange oil if you’re taking a shower in the morning. For showers at night, use lavender, cedar wood, chamomile, or ylang ylang oil. 


  • Drop the essential oils onto a shower pad or cloth and place it on the shower floor. Make sure to place it where the water can reach it, but don’t let the water directly hit it or the oils will wash away too quickly. Add 10-12 drops for a stronger effect, Refer to the oils above for day and night showers.


Night Time Routine: 



  • For a great exfoliating sugar scrub at night, mix drops of almond and lavender oil in cane sugar until it gets to a think consistency. Scrub after you wash your face and rinse.


Sleep Routine:



  • If you’re someone that reads at night, and put a few drops of lavender oil on your bedside light bulb. The oil will heat up and fill the air with a calming scent.


  • For trouble sleeping, try placing a drop of vetiver oil on the bottom of your big toes.The oil placed here will help relax you muscles, as well as your mind, aiding you in a good night’s sleep. 
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