How to Have a Great Skincare Routine Without Breaking the Bank

Skincare should perhaps be the most important part of your beauty routine. Having great skin makes the makeup that goes on top of it look better and last longer. Taking care of your skin not only helps your skin now, but is a preventative measure for the future of wrinkles and aging. However, skincare these days can be so expensive and overwhelming, that it’s easy to just say forget it. But it is possible to find great products, at fair prices, that work just as well as the high-end items. Skincare is pricey, so you should be prepared to spend a little more money than you would think on drugstore products, but it is worth the few extra bucks. Below are some basic skincare products and how to use them, to get you started on your skin care journey! I have dry skin, that is sensitive, but not acne prone. So these products may not work for everyone!

Makeup wipes:

I use makeups wipes to remove the majority of my face makeup. It should be the start of your skincare routine, not the only part. My favorite is the Neutrogena makeup wipes, but Walmart also makes a similar version in their Equate Brand.

Micellar Water:

After using makeup wipes, I soak cotton rounds in Micellar Water and use it to get my eye makeup off. Soak the cotton round, and hold on your eye for about 30 seconds to allow it to start to break apart the eye makeup, then gently rub away. Don’t tug or pull, as this cause pre-mature eye wrinkles. I prefer Micellar Water over regular makeup remover. My favorite brands for micellar water are Simple and Garnier.


Now that the majority of the makeup is gone, its time to deeply clean the skin to remove the makeup that remains. Most cleansers dry out my skin, but this one works pretty good.


After cleansing, I apply toner all over my face. This is a new step for me, and it has changed my skin! Highly recommend. I use this in the morning as well. The Mario Badescu toner I use is a bit expensive -$18, but I can often find it on sale at Ulta. It works wonders! If you want something cheaper, try out the Burt’s Bee Rose Water Toner, or Thayer’s Witch Hazel toner. I haven’t used the Thayer’s toner, but it is really popular.


After the toner, I rub in a light weight moisturizer-both morning and night. This Clinique one is a cult classic. Start with the small bottle to see if you like it, then purchase the larger bottle- which is more expensive. For a much cheaper option, I also like the Ponds Dry Skin Cream- but it’s a lot thicker texture and can leave you feeling a little greasy. Oily, acne prone skin should avoid.

Night cream:

When I finally crawl into bed, I generously apply a night cream to my face and neck.  Favorites include this Garnier one and Neutrogena one.


I am lucky to have fairly clear skin, so I don't have much experience with acne skin care. However, when I do get a breakout, I like to use tea tree oil, or some drying lotion.


Masks don’t just help your skin- they feel luxiours, fun, and have a calming affect. My favorite are Freeman’s masks which you can find at Walmart. L'oreal also came out with new masks that work really well. I enjoy mud masks, as well as a good peel off mask once a week on my nose.


It is so important to have a good exfoliator. Just as important is to not use it every day. Doing so can irritate your skin. I use the St. Ives oatmeal scrub in the shower. I smooth it on, leave it for about 20 seconds and gently wash off.

Rose water spray:

Not necessary, but makes you feel pampered and fresh. I use it on days I don’t wear makeup, or to freshen up at night if I’m going out. The Mario Badescu trial bottle is a good price, and lasts a while. It is heavily scented, so if you have super sensitive skin, this may irritate it.

These recommendations may not work for everyone, and finding the right products make take some trial and error. But once you find what works, your skin will thank you!