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How to Get into Fashion Week Without a Ticket

Twice a year there are only four cities that matter in the world of fashion: New York City, London, Milan, and Paris. Millions of people flock to these fashion capitals during the Fall and Spring to view the collections for the upcoming seasons, watch for celebrities, and check out the street style. Fortunately, this semester I am studying abroad in London and am able to attend some of these fashion weeks. For example, last week I attended London Fashion Week. I thought I would be in my element for this since I volunteered at Minnesota Fashion Week in high school, interned with a local designer, and directed my college’s annual fashion show last year.. However, it was completely different in terms of the focus of the event. The focus at these shows is not on the collections, rather, it is on the street style. People at Fashion Week are less concerned about the shows themselves than they are getting photographed or scoping out interesting outfits. Since the street style was the focus I found getting into shows to be incredibly easy. If you have plans or dreams of attending Fashion Week, here are some tips on how to do so:

1. Create an Interesting Outfit: I cannot tell you how important it is to dress up for Fashion Week. I wore two dresses at once for one of the days and looked tame compared to others. Step outside your comfort zone and pair garments and accessories you would never put together.

2. Bring your Student I.D. Card: One of my tutors gave my class this tip before Fashion Week. If you don’t have any connections or tickets to the show but are a college student—that is just as good, if not better, than being invited to a show. Fashion students represent the future of the indsutry and designers want to support that; therefore, they fully support students without tickets attending their shows.

3. Wait in the Standing Queue: Most shows have lines for people without tickets. Designers like to have full shows so once the people with tickets have been seated they admit anyone else in line to stand in the back. Arrive extra early to ensure you are near the front of the line.

4. Network with Industry Professionals: You know that one blogger or journalist you admire? Well, you can approach them, share how much you love their work and they might invite you to tag along to some shows. A couple of my friends tried this and were successful.

5. Do your Research: Research the times of the shows, the background of the designers, and their past collections so you are informed for the shows and if you are interviewed. Plus, if you are trying to get into a show you can express how interested you are in the designer and set yourself apart from anyone else in line.

Photo Cred: Abigail Johnson

Abigail is a senior at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. She is majoring in Retail Merchandising and Management with a concentration in Fashion Marketing and has a double minor in Business Administration and Spanish. Aside from being a Style Writer for Her Campus, she is involved with Campus Crusade for Christ (CRU) and Street Level Ministries. In her spare time she enjoys collecting art, watching Hallmark movies with family and friends, and going on adventures. 
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