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Freshman’s Favorite Things About UW-Stout

In the fall semester, we asked incoming freshman what they had learned not to pack when moving into the dorms.  Now that we have only a month left in this Spring semester, and they’ve had the year to settle into Stout life, we checked back in with them to see what makes them “Stout Proud.”  

“I like that you can choose your own community.  You’re not stuck only socializing with the people in your major or your classes.  You make friends everywhere.”-Maggie Clarke (pictured with Spencer Peloquin)

“I love that we’re all really nerdy.  Makes it more fun.” –Kaelyn Lang and Mariah Amundsen (pictured) 

“I love the small class sizes, and the people.” Jacey Schlagenhaft (pictured with Sam Keller and Allison Uy)

“I like that we all have really good relationships with our professors – and DOUGHNUTS!”-Nicole Moehring and Monica Schmidt (pictured)

“I really like chilling in the MSC lounges, and the great variety of people and personalities we have around us.” –Chris and Brian (pictured)

“I love the science programs!  There’s enough money for the program that we get lots of fun toys and technology to work with.” –Kayla Boyd (pictured)

“I like that the campus is nice and well maintained, and organized.” –Bronson Bero (pictured)

“I love my beautiful, charming roommate (Kate Travis). . . haha just kidding! I really like the dorm life, and being able to hang with friends on the weekends.” –Gabi Dunlop (pictured with Miranda Shimek)

Kate is a junior at University of Wisconsin Stout.  She is a Professional Communication and Emerging Media major, with a concentration in Applied Journalism and a minor in Speech Communication.   Very soon she will also be dual majoring in Digital Marketing Technology. Her interests include blogging, writing, swing dancing, watching movies and (yes) training llamas back home.  Check out her blog at http://collegiettebyday.com
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