Five Interesting Facts About Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star. Our generation most likely know him as a makeup queen. His palettes usually sell from about $45-$100 dollars and from the reviews, they are very high quality as well as his other products. Recently, I was watching a video series from YouTuber Shane Dawson that he did with Jeffree Star. In the video, he basically tested out what it was like to live in the life of Jeffree Star and along the way, there were some shocking things revealed. 

All his clothes are Gucci

In the video, they take a tour of Jeffree's closet only to reveal mass amounts of Gucci apparel. Shocked, Shane asks his "Do you own anything that's not Gucci?" to which Jeffree responds with a laugh, "No." Wish I could relate! 

Almost everything he in his house is pink

This queen is all about that pink life. He even has a wing in his mansion called the "Barbie" wing. We are talking pink walls, pink floor, a pink bathroom, pink walls, huge pink bed. Everything. 

He makes over 100,000,000 dollars a year

In the video, Shane repeatadly asks where he gets all his money. Sure he has his own makeup line and does YouTube videos, but the amount of money he has is crazy! He later takes Shane to his warehouses of products that sells and helps other Youtubers sell. He also revealed that he owns land? Sounds a little suspicious to me. 

His car collection is goals

He owns a pink Lamborghini with a customized pink interior with his name, a pink Tesla, and a Rolls Royce. 

He was once predicted to be the new Lady Gaga by Akon

In 2007, Star began a booming musical career. After starting out a MySpace idol, he was recognized and became very famous very fast. He signed a record deal with Akon and Akon claimed that he was going to be the next Lady Gaga! Then, in 2013, Star abruptly left the music industry. 

There is a lot more the series that was super interesting so if you are interested in watching the whole thing, here is a link to the first one