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Finals week has come upon us all this 2018 fall semester. To go through all of the emotions is Clark W. Griswold from the famed National Lampoon's movie franchise. 


When you remember that you could use a note card, but forgot to make one:


When you've spent the entire day studying and your friend asks how you're doing:


When someone tells you to get in the holiday spirit, but you're too stressed with finals to even think about the holidays:


When your professor adds on assignments that need to be done by the day of your final, adding to your stress levels:


When someone is helping you study and they're quizzing you, but your brain is so burnt out that you don't know the answer:


When the professors enter in your final grades and you see that you passed all of your classes:

I like cats, the Green Bay Packers, and One Direction. That's about it.
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