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Entering College: Expectations vs. Reality

1. Expectation: The “Freshmen 15” is just a myth, there’s no way you’ll gain that much weight.



Around April those habitual Saturday-night Toppers stick binges will start to show.

2. Expectation:The dining center food will have flavor.

You think you’ll be diving into fluffy pancakes, scrumptious desserts, and only the finest quality of foods.


Get used to eating the same turkey sammy for the next nine-months!

3. Expectation: You’ll have so many options to choose from when looking for a significant other, and you’ll definitely find your soul mate.


4. Expectation: Hitting the gym every day is a no-brainer

We’re getting fit and sexy in college!!!!


As tempting as it is…. The dollar pizza deals normally trump any form of cardio.

5. Expectation: The right major will “speak to you”


You might end up switching your major once, twice, or even five times!

6. Expectation: Gen Ed’s are awesome, you’ll be excited to go to class each day!


7. Expecatation: If you were a lazy high school student, that’s a thing of the past. College means getting involved.

Reality: Netflix will always be to good.

8. Expectation: You won’t be as broke as everyone says you’ll be.


9. Expectation: Your roommate will be your first “college” best friend

Reality: Sometimes it works out that your roomie is your soul mate, but other times spending nine months in a shared box doesn’t end well.

10. Expectation: You’ll love all the new found freedom that comes with living away from home.


It’s actually OK to miss yo’ mama

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