Curly Hair Hacks

I’ve had curly hair since I was born, and for a long time, I hated it. Most of high school I straightened it, leaving it dry and damaged. Since then, I’ve embraced my natural hair and along the way have found a few things that work well for me. Below I discuss some of my personal favorite curly hair hacks.

1. Know your curl type

The first step to making sure your curly hair can be the best it can be is understanding what kind of curls you have. This website is a great place to walk you through it. Once you know your curl type, this will allow you to use products and tools that will best help your curl pattern

2. Wash your hair as little as possible

Avoid washing your hair as long as possible. (Still shower obviously, but leave the hair in a showercap). Washing curly hair dries out the hair shaft much faster then other hair, and gets rid of important oils. I usually wash my hair once or twice a week. At first, your hair will feel gross and dirty since it won’t be used to it, but after a week or two of this practice, your hair will adapt and be better then ever.

3. Use a microfiber towel or old tshirt to dry your hair

My personal favorite tip. Using normal towels can cause frizz and breakage, so switch to a special microfiber towel like THIS one made especially for curly hair. Or even better, simply use an old T Shirt.

4. Try Co-Washing

This is a new hack in the curly hair world, and involves cutting out shampoo completely and using just conditioner. This is great for curly hair that is coarse, dry and prone to frizz. It doesn’t work for everyone, and it takes some getting use to. Some great article to read about Co-Washing can be found here and here.

5. Throw away your brush. Only use a wide tooth comb.

Maybe the simplest and best hair trick. Throw away that hair brush and only use a wide tooth comb. Brushing causes frizz and breakage, and disrupts your curl pattern.

6. Do a coconut oil hair mask once a week

Once a week, cover your hair in coconut oil and let is sit for as long as you can- overnight is the best! Coconut oil works wonders on dry hair, and leaves it soft and shiny. You may have to rinse it a few times to make sure there is no oil left behind, but this is a super good tip.