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Comfort Shouldn’t Sacrifice Fashion

When the terms “fashionable” and “comfortable” come to mind, we typically think of  a cute knit sweater or a pair of jogger pants Rarely do we associate these terms with undergarments unless the words “provocative” or “sexy” are included in the same sentence.

When it comes to fashion, sometimes we only think about the outside and nearly forget about the inside. You deserve to be just as comfortable and stylish underneath your clothing. It’s no secret that when you look great, you’re more likely to bring success due to your level of confidence. As the saying goes, “dress well, test well.”

Unfortunately, every girl has experienced the discomfort of a wire stabbing from a bra and a panty that just can’t seem to stay in place. Undergarments, like apparel, come in different forms of style and comfort. It’s important to wear the proper styles to get the best look and fit. However, comfort doesn’t need to sacrifice fashion. Many ladies assume a comfortable bra has to be simple or a neutral color but that’s simply not the case.

There’s a few tips to consider when shopping for new intimates or for putting on existing ones.


1.      Make sure your bra is the proper size.



Over 50 percent of women are wearing the wrong bra size because they have never been properly fitted. Having accurate measurements not only helps with spillage or gapping, but also enhances a more natural look and avoids any possible wire discomfort. Stores that specialize in lingerie such as Victoria’s Secret, Arie, and Soma should all have bra specialists who can fit you properly. Breast tissue changes over time and it’s recommended to get re-sized every six months. If you're unsure whether or not you have the correct size, you can take this quiz and watch a video tutorial about sizing here.


2.      Make sure your bra and panty match your daily routine



A maximum push-up may feel unnatural for a night in and a wireless bra may not seem to give the best shape and support for a night out. For example, if you’re going to a formal dance, a supportive, strap-less bra is essential paired with a seamless or no-show panty. However, on the flipside, a day sitting at home studying in sweats may have you finding a wireless or lounge bra most compatible while matched with a shortie or hiphugger panty. As for a romantic date night, a glammed push-up with a stringed thong or cheekster panty provides the sexiest look.


3.      Make sure you have your desired padding level



Bras come in a variety of padding levels from unlined and perfectly shaped to adding two full cup sizes. Heavier set busts may require more support than an unlined but adding two cups may be unnecessary versus a “barley there” size that may require two added sizes to obtain a perky silhouette.


4.      Comfort shouldn’t sacrifice fashion



Just because a bra is decked in rhinestones and shiny lace doesn’t mean comfort is not considered. Many bras have four-way stretch technology in the wings of the bra for the easiest movements, along with a variety of paddings. Victoria’s Secret specifically specializes in all comfort levels providing foam, cottom, cream and memory foam paddings. They also incorporate padded, fully-adjustable straps and encased wiring for an ideal sexy-yet-comfortably-natural look and feel.


5.      Own a variety of panties



Although you may wear thongs or boy-shorts daily, it’s always a smart idea to have a variety of styles. To prevent panties from moving out place or showing through bottoms, it’s good to know the benefits behind each style. A strappy, bulky and decorative panty can cause discomfort if worn under jeans unlike a basic cotton thong. A seamless hip hugger prevents panty-lines that can be seen through leggings and tighter dresses. Cotton bikinis may be most desirable when “the time” rolls around, and a boy short can be comfortable to sleep in. Having a variety of panties for every occasion prepares every girl for any situation she could encounter. 

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