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Career Conference: Last Minute Tips

This week is the week for the Career Conference! Hold on to your excitement collegiettes! If you think you are all ready for the Career Conference, think again! If you decided last minute that you want to attend, do I have the perfect article for you! You are never as prepared as you think you can be. Let’s face it, we all forget one or two things that could have really helped us out while going through the conference last year. Whether it was forgetting how to introduce yourself or not dressing up enough (or TOO much), every year is a learning experience to get yourself ready for the big world of jobs and real adult things that come after college. Here are a few last minute tips and preparation ideas to keep you on your toes for the two day career event!

1.  Have your introduction speech ready!

This is a real easy one that some people tend to forget about. When you go up to an employer and shake their hand, you want to have an introduction speech about yourself. This includes your name, emphasis, current job and job title (also include maybe some skills that go with this position), any co-ops you’ve done in the past, and then why you are interested in learning more about the company.

2. Cut your suit jacket back vent!

Has to add this one because you would not believe how many people don’t know about this! On the back of your suit jacket are two tails and they are both held together by an “x” shaped string. Cut that string! Sometimes skirts have these as well. The vent is meant to be cut.

3. Get the Career Conference App!

This app will save your life if you want to take a last minute look at WHERE the employers are. You can see which booths the employers are at, including what hiring positions they have. If you want to see who the employer is, there is also a bio that can be found with all this information on the app.

4. Research the companies!

Go on their websites, look at the CC app, look at customer reviews, recent news and journal articles! Look at social media as well! These are the best ways to know what a company is all about and what they are looking in an employee.

5.  Update your resume and have enough to give out!

Many times I go to the conference with the idea that I only have two or three employers I want to talk to and give resumes to. Most of the time I end up handing out every single resume I have with me and then end up talking to more employers who want to see my resume when I no longer have any more to give out! Make sure you bring back up resumes and that they are the most up-to-date.

6. Have a reference if you don’t have experience!

If you have that one professor or alumni friend, use them as a reference when talking to recruiters. Many of the recruiters know your professors because it’s a fair chance that that recruiter graduated at your college. If that professor has nothing but good words to say about you, let that recruiter know! Professors see your school work and the ones in your major watch you grow. They know your skills and can attest to your abilities. 

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