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Boost Your Brain for Finals; Menomonie’s Newest Health Shop

With finals coming up before we know it, trying to maintain sleep as well as a healthy meal regimine seems somewhat impossible. Resisting the urge to call Jimmy Johns for a quick sammy before class, we decided to try something new on this Sunshine-filled afternoon. Upon reccommendation, we decided to check out Spot On Nutrition, located across from Bremer bank, and nuzzled right inbetween the Co-Op and A Cute Bead.

As we went inside, we weren’t quite sure what to expect, although we can say we will most definitely be returning!

The knowledgeable workers greet us right, away and immendiately start us on a membership program.

All you have to do is fill out your flavor preferences, as well as goals you may have if you choose to persue the meal substitute.

They first give you a mango-flavored aloe shot that detoxes your bod’.

Then, as pictured below, you get the choice of tea flavors. You can either get your beverage hot or cold, and they taste awesome!!! There’s also enough caffeine in the tasty drink, that equals one cup of coffee.

Next, is our favorite apart. Amongst 18 different flavors to choose from with names like “The Wolverine” and “Captain America,” a protein-packed shake is the last in the three-step regimine. It provides 1500 calories worth of nutrients, in only 200. Everything they use is all natural fruit products, and deeeeelish.

Did we mention your first time you go it’s FREE!!!!

So please, go check out our new favorite spot. They also have wifi so you can bring your homework with while enriching your body!

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