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Be-YOU-tiful for Finals Week

In the upcoming weeks we all have 4 final exams, 3 papers due, 2 final projects…and a partridge in a pear tree. These are surefire signs that finals week is just around the corner; while we are all dreading the late-night study sessions in the library causing extreme sleep deprivation everybody knows that we are prolonging the inevitable. Finals week is here and it’s time to get your rear in gear because now is the time to look on-point. Here are some tips on how to stay on you’re a-game for finals week.

#1 Wardrobe 

It is clinically proven that when you dress well, you test well.

Stay on top of your Elle Woods game. Instead of wearing your fave yogas and a zip-up hoodie, try a cute and comfy pair of colored pants with a solid shirt and a chunky necklace or a maxi dress and you have boosted your final grade from an iffy B to a solid A.

#2 Hair

Messy hair is good for lazy Sundays, but no bueno for finals week.

Don’t be a Mia Thermopolis. Try a tighter and more held together hair do so that you’re not playing with your wispies all hour. You’ll be much happier when you’re focused one hundred percent on your test rather than the fact that you should have used a few more bobby pins this morning!

#3 Makeup

Simple is good.

Remember, you’re taking an exam, not at a night club. If you’re that person that rubs their face during stressful times, I would recommend going super light on the eyeliner and make sure that you wash your face twice a day to avoid breakouts. Sometimes all you need is a thin swipe of eyeliner and some mascara to make a dainty, but mature look.

#4 Nails


Just leave them an empty canvas and cut them. Otherwise you will spend every minute you have to take your physics exam picking and peeling at them. Next thing you know you have fifteen minutes left and you’ve got twelve problems left and a test full of flaky pink polish and your tears. That’s a definite way to bop your way to the bottom.

#5 Attitude

This is something that we don’t often talk about as part of beauty, but I believe that it’s the most beautiful feature a girl can have. Finals week attitude is everything. You may know all the facts you can possibly know and still bomb the test because you don’t believe in yourself. So, just go for it. Be confident in every answer your select and know that you did your best and I’m sure you will end up with a stellar grade.

Finals week can be very stressful for some, but a breeze for others. Stay calm, dress for success, present yourself like you run the place, hold your head high and you can conquer the world. Go get that A! You can do it!

Good luck on finals, Collegiettes! 

Special Education major at UW-Stout. Supplementing my education with my Beyonce obsession, Netflix, and being a princess. 
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