Athlete Highlight: Caitlin Coombs

Over the last four years, Caitlin Coombs has been a crucial addition to the Blue Devil Women’s basketball team.

On February 21st, 2015, Coombs played in her final basketball game as a Blue Devil athlete.

Coombs says, “So many things were going through my mind in that last game. I was thinking about how I won’t be on the court with these people again. This is the last time we will be playing the game we love to play all while having a blast with each other.”

After being involved in basketball for 9 years, she says she will “have to find a new way to stay active.”

She finished her career with 103 points, a .339 field goal percentage, and 14 steals.

For those juggling between wanting to play a sport in college, and wanting to finish their careers in high school, Coombs has some advice. “Do it! Enjoy each minute, listen to everyone’s advice, and get exceedingly good at time management.”

Around campus, she is well known for her vibrant smile, outgoing personality, and tightly curled hair. One of her passions in life is to make other people happy.

Coombs is from Alma, Wisconsin. She is studying Interdisciplinary Science with a minor in business, and plans to graduate in the fall.  She hopes to attend graduate school for chiropractic care.

Photo Credit: UW-Stout Athletics