Athlete Highlight: Brady Burzynski

After a frigid winter, many people are excited for spring to arrive. When some think of spring, they think of warm weather and greening foliage; Brady Burzynski thinks of baseball.

Burzynski began playing competitive baseball when he was eight in the Lowes Creek Little League. Ever since then, he has made his mark in the centerfield position.

When he entered high school, Burzynski played football, hockey, and baseball. After graduation, Burzynski tried out for a few USHL junior hockey teams, but when he didn’t make the teams he had hoped for, he chose to pursue college baseball.

“Stout was an easy choice because of the various programs they have here. Also, from a baseball standpoint, the WIAC is one of the best conferences in the country to play in.”

Burzynski notes that being a part of the Stout athletic family is something truly incredible. He says, “After I made the [baseball] team my freshman year, I instantly had 30 friends who continue to keep me accountable, push me, and have my back.”

After a tough freshman baseball season, Burzynski says “this wasn’t something I was used to.  I had to embrace the fact that we were and still are underdogs in this conference.”

He says “In the WIAC, we play four 9-inning games in two days, which is a ton of baseball.” Because of these long days, Burzynski notes that it is crucial to “keep his emotions in check: never get too high, and never get too low. “

In the summer, Burzynski enjoys competing within the Northwoods League for the Eau Claire Express. He says “I play about 70 games every summer. Playing for the Eau Claire Express is a great way to excel in my sport.”

On his days off, Burzynski enjoys going to his cabin, fishing, and boating. As soon as the fall arrives, Burzynski says, “we go right back into Stout baseball, and hit the weights hard in preparation for the upcoming season.”

In 2014, Stout finished 4th out of 7 teams in the WIAC. Stout is off to an impressive 8-2 start to the 2015 season.

Burzynski was born and raised in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. He is a junior packaging major with a business emphasis.

Photo Credit: Mandy Nalbach; Eau Claire Express