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6 Holiday Goodies That You Should Try

What’s the holidays without treats and a grand feast? There are so many traditions that families have and a lot of them have to do with food. There are a slew of different recipes out there that are used during the holidays, but there are also some that are exclusive to a family. Some people are trying to start new traditions as well and one way to find those traditions is by sharing yours with others, so that’s what I’m going to do.


Lefse is a popular Norwegian flatbread. I was first introduced to lefse when I was but a wee child. My grandma used to have it for every holiday meal that we would have. Even when we would just go over for dinner on a random day of the week, she would have it as one of the options. It was, and still is, my favorite. I used to slather it with some butter and then sprinkle it with just a tad more sugar than I was supposed to and then I would roll it up nice and neat. The process of making lefse - in the capacity that my grandma did - was long and took all day. However, it was certainly worth it in the end because you would have so much of it that you could freeze it and have it all year long. I haven’t had any since my Grandma Nila passed away in 2013, but I’m hoping that the tradition of it comes back one of these years and it tastes just as delectable.


Fruit Pizza

There are only a few occasions that my mom will make fruit pizza for and every time she does, I salivate from the time she gets the ingredients to the time that it’s on a pan, ready to be eaten. It’s another one of my favorite things to eat. It has cherries, strawberries, mandarin oranges, cream cheese, and a sugar cookie crust...nothing too extravagant, but there’s just something about it that makes it the best tasting thing since chocolate milk was invented. I’m not sure if it’s on the menu for this year, but maybe this article will help to coerce her…


Peanut Blossoms

These cookies are among the most popular Christmas cookies that are made. They’re also really fun to make. I haven’t personally made them very many times, but pushing the chocolate kiss into the light golden brown dough is one of the most satisfying things. It also makes the cookie taste even better than it did before the kiss was placed into the middle.


Cally Bars

These are my favorite dessert bars to ever exist. My aunt Debbie makes them and I am sure to grab a few before the rest of the crew takes them all. If it wasn’t completely unhealthy for me, I would live off of them.


Rolo Pretzel M&M Bites

These are the most simple things to make and they are that perfect mix of salt and sweet that everyone loves. You can make so many with just one pack of pretzels, a pack of Rolos, and a pack of M&Ms. It’s something that’ll keep everyone munching.


Cartoon Sugar Cookies

No holiday is complete without the classic sugar cookies with a printed cartoon. There’s nothing special about them, but they’re the cheap and fun way to make cookies and they taste really good. In fact, they’re almost too good because they’re really addicting, whether they’re baked or whether they’re just the raw cookie dough.

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