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5 Ways to Organize Makeup in a College Dorm Room

5 Ways to Organize Makeup in a College Dorm Room


If you’re anything like me and brought a separate duffle bag to college just for your makeup, then this article is definitely something that will help make your life a little easier. Organizing makeup successfully is difficult. This is especially true when your room is the size of a hamster cage. These clever and visually appealing ideas will get the job done without burning a hole in your wallet.


1)      Stacked Candle Jars



This is probably the most functional organization method. Candle jars stacked however high can easily go against a wall while taking up little space. To do this, clean out your expended candles using acetone or alcohol.  This will get rid of all the wax residue. Finally, glue the jars together. Plan on using more glue if you have a lot of make up to store


2)      Magazine Rack



This works great for organizing eyeshadow pallets or any other kind of pallet you may have. However, it may not be the most eye-appealing option.


3)      Magnetic Board



A magnetic board is ideal if you have little shelf space. Hang this wherever and attach small magnets to the back of your makeup. This also makes it easier to see all of your options and makes for some pretty rad wall art.


4)      Vintage Suitcase



If you really have no shelf space and your shirtless Channing Tatum posters took up most of your wall space then you can go out and buy a really cheap, vintage suitcase from any second hand store. Create compartments to organize everything and slide it under your bed for easy storage.


5)      Dishware



Buy some cheap dishware and stack it create tiers perfect for organizing your powders, foundation, and perfume. Add a cup on top for easy brush storage. 

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