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5 Reasons Why I’ve Been Watching Supernatural For 10 Years

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UW Stout chapter.

I started watching Supernatural when I was around 10 years old when I first was introduced to Netflix. The show itself started back in 2005, which means it is over a decade old. I feel like Supernatural’s time is coming to end, so I thought I would make an appreciation post, 

The Plot Twists

Though it’s almost expected to have plot twists by now and some the audience can see coming… others not so much. I’ve had a couple of my gasping moments, my happy moments, and my full of rage moments. I’ve considered flipping tables while sobbing over a character death, but in Supernatural, no one stays dead.

My Love For The Winchesters

Sam and Dean Winchester are the main characters of the Supernatural series and it’s hard not to fall for them. First off, they are gorgeous human beings and their eyes and chiseled looks make them fine works of art. Second, they are selfless (for the most part) and will jump in front of a bullet to save a random person. Third, they value family over anything and it’s hard not to relate to that. I can’t stop loving them no matter how hard I try.

The Drama

I am not usually a big drama fan, but this show is the one exception. The good acting levels out how cheesy and predictable the show is, but I live for the moments of complete pettiness and drama. Whenever Dean or Sam sell their soul to save one another or how the Winchester’s are always surprised when a more powerful being throws them across the room, the drama keeps the show flavorful and brings some comedy and some sadness to the Winchester boys.

It Keeps My Interest

I’ve grown up watching Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Star Trek, all of the fantasy/sci-fi genre. This show ticks off a lot of the genres that I like, which makes it keep my interest the entire way through. The comedy is funny and has references to old TV shows, rock bands, and cars. The show has its sad moments and its love moments. Overall, I love it to pieces and I would never stop watching it permanently.

I’m Too Far Gone To Stop

Since I’ve been watching the show for 10 years, I’ve already invested too much time to stop watching it. Hours upon hours of time watching a show that I truly enjoy and love. Why stop when you love the show and are already too far gone in it?


I’m not sure if the show will end next year or in 10 years, but I will continue to love and cherish it. This show has been a part of half of my life and I have zero regrets.

Morgan Shepler

UW Stout '21

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