5 Products that Need to be in your Beach Bag!

Next time you’re packing for the beach, make sure to check your bag for these items to make sure you and your hair are ready to go! These are so easy to pack and won’t take much room, and they will save you when you’re in trouble at the beach or pool.



1.       Wide-Toothed Comb



When you’re out enjoying summer and suddenly you notice that your hair is in one huge tangle, don't worry! Using a wide-tooth comb rather than a traditional brush will help to not damage the hair, especially if it’s wet from the beach or pool. A wide-toothed comb will gently remove the tangles and not promote any breakage.


2.       Ponytails, Bobby Pins, and Elastics



Every girl knows that having ponytails, bobby pins, and elastics are a must. When you’re out at the beach or pool, having these handy will be your savior. Keeping your hair off your neck and out of your eyes is a must on those hot summer days! Do yourself a favor and keep a bunch in your beach bag as a grab-and-go when you need them!


3.       Hair Oil



Don’t forget about your hair when you’re out swimming because that water, whether it’s a pool or an ocean, will dry your hair out. Keeping a bottle of your favorite hair oil will keep it looking shiny, healthy, and not dried out!


4.       Sea-Salt Spray



For added texture, using a sea salt spray can help spice up that hairstyle! It’s kind of ironic to use it at the beach, but it’s super great for that perfect look for summer pictures! Pop this in your beach bag to use whenever you want that beachy look.


5.       Hair Sunscreen



We use sunscreen on our skin, but we somehow always forget about our poor hair! Just like our skin, our hair gets damage from the sun as well (usually results in bleaching or becoming lighter). Using a hair protector specifically for the sun will help keep your hair healthy! Keep this handy in your beach bag and use it right before you have fun in the sun all day!



Summer is a time for fun at the beach or pool so make sure you’re prepared and have all these items in your beach bag so you don’t ever have to worry the next time you need a ponytail or feel like your hair is dried out! Having these items handy will be super helpful when you’re out enjoying all that summer has to offer!