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4 Easy Halloween Hairstyles That Anyone Can Do!

Halloween is right around the corner, and for many of us, we still are completely undecided on what we will be! No matter what age or what your plans are, it’s always fun to get dressed up in your favorite awesome costume to show off! I came up with some super easy hairstyles for classic Halloween costumes to inspire that perfect do. All of these hairstyles don’t take much time at all and are super easy! Read on how to find out how you can rock not only your costume but also your hair this Halloween season!



1. Devil



This hairstyle is super easy and won’t take much time at all. It’s the perfect addition to an awesome devil costume! Start by sectioning your hair to prepare for curling. Apply heat protectant and then begin to curl with your favorite styling iron (my personal favorite is a ½ wand) into small, one-inch sections. Hold the hair for about 5-8 seconds on the curling iron barrel for a tousled wave kind of look. Finish off with some hairspray and flip your hair over. Don’t forget to shake it up for an extra voluminous look!


2. Zombie



As one of my personal favorite Halloween costumes, this hairstyle is by far the easiest one to do. The only thing you will need is hairspray with a strong hold. If you want this hairstyle to be even crazier and more zombie-like, you can grab a brush or teasing comb for added volume. To begin, grab your spray and start applying it to the hair. If you want the added volume from teasing, I suggest spraying a small amount first and then teasing the hair. If you wish to skip the teasing step, simply lift up random sections of hair and spray. You can also flip your hair over completely and spray that way. The key to this look is to make it look as crazy and as messy as you like! Have fun with it and enjoy your awesome candy on Halloween (or brains, as a zombie would say)!


3. Witch



This costume is such a classic. It doesn’t matter if youre five or 25; this hairstyle is great for all Halloween witches. Generally, when you think of a witch you may imagine the green skin, black hat, and a black dress. But don’t forget about the hair! It’s simply preference but if you have time to do so, you can prepare your hair the night before Halloween! Start with lightly damp hair, and from there you can either choose to make one or two French braids. If you plan to create two braids, part the hair down the middle evenly. From one side of hair, grab a 1-2 inch section of hair and split it into three equal pieces. Start to incorporate small pieces to the original pieces like a regular French braid and secure with a ponytail or an elastic when you reach the end. When you wake up and get ready for a spooky Halloween night, you can take out the braid (or braids) and apply your favorite hairspray and tussle the hair around for a crazy, awesome witch costume! Top it with your witch hat and fly off on your broom to a fun night!


4. Princess



A typical princess is beautiful, elegant, and perfect. So create a hairstyle that matches the personality with these two easy ones! The first one is simply a beautiful, big ballerina bun on the top of your head. To create this hairstyle, start by gathering all the hair on the top of your head and securing it with a ponytail. At this point, if you have a bun maker you can use that. If not you can simply twist the ponytail, wrap the hair in a bun, and then secure it with the ponytail. Once the bun is feeling secure you can start to tug on the bun to make it bigger. Once you’re happy with your bun, secure any hairs with bobby pins and make sure they are tucked away or hidden as best as you can! The second hairstyle is made of beautiful curls. To start this hairstyle, section off your hair and apply heat protectant with your favorite hair styling tool. Curl the hair for about 10 seconds to create a beautiful ringlet curl. Continue to curl all the hair and finish off with hairspray. To lighten the curls, you can very gently run your fingers through them to break them up a bit and that’s it, you’re done!


Remember, you can still use these hairstyles no matter what you are for Halloween. They’re versatile and will work for just about any costume idea! Feel free to have fun with each hairstyle and have a safe and happy Halloween! Don’t forget to say “trick-or-treat!”


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