21 Signs You're in a Stout Sorority (As Told by Ryan Gosling)

1. You’re obsessed with freshmen. - Sigma Sigma Sigma

2. You own every color of acrylic paints and various glitters. (And your non-Greek friends just don’t get it.) - Sigma Sigma Sigma

3. When you go to 4th floor of the library for two hours and get nothing done because you are too busy catching up with your friends you haven’t seen in two days. – Nona W., Alpha Phi

4. You have woken up with rhinestones stuck to your face. - Sigma Sigma Sigma

5. You have sisters who are not only prom queens, pageant winners and Homecoming contestants, but country fair and 4-H queens, too. – Kailan., Delta Zeta

6. You have your morals down to a t, and most of them include your sorority’s philosophy statements. - Sigma Sigma Sigma

7. You have a bin of random costumes/themed outfits. – Marly B., Delta Zeta

8. When you’re a regular at half off apps. – Megan H., Alpha Phi

9. You always have someone on campus to wave to. – Kailan., Delta Zeta

10. Most of your wardrobe is your letters. - Sigma Sigma Sigma

11. When the only sporting events you attend are SAE’s intramural games. – Megan H. Alpha Phi

12. You leave a trail of glitter everywhere you go. – Kaitlyn B. Delta Zeta

13. When you go to 3 or more QFP meals a semester simply because you’re supporting your sisters. – Haley H. Alpha Phi

14. You have the closet of 60 women always open to you. - Sigma Sigma Sigma

15. Knowing the Leisure Center as the place where all the fundraiser dinners are. – Nona W., Alpha Phi

16. You match outfits with at least five people on campus a day. – Sarah H. Delta Zeta

17. Celebrating a birthday with a group every week at Cancun. – Kel L., Alpha Phi


18. Lilly Pullitzer, nuff said. - Sigma Sigma Sigma

19. There’s always movies playing at the Phi house! – Megan H., - Alpha Phi

20. You have a Rubbermaid bin for crafting supplies. – Kailan. Delta Zeta

21. Making a difference in the community and on campus is a priority. - Sigma Sigma Sigma


Thanks to Sigma Sigma Sigma, Alpha Phi & Delta Zeta for help with this article!

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