18 Signs You Go To UW-Stout

1.)  You are used to hearing responses like, “when in doubt go to Stout,” and “Stout, like the beer?” 

2.)  You can quickly respond with fun facts (and claim to fames) like “Swiss Miss is made in Menomonie,” and “Laura Ingles Wilder lived here!” 

3.)  Your major is as long as a book title and most people will never understand what you actually do.  Professional Communication and Emerging Media, anyone? 

4.)  You own a piece of flannel.

5.)  You take cheese very seriously and if you don't like cheese, you know not to share that information with anyone. 

6.)  You were overly excited to see an article about Stout show up on your timeline from a national website.

7.)  You know and fully take advantage of all the free stuff you get on your birthday in this town.  Free hoagie and coffee at Acoustic Cafe?  Free truffle at Legacy Chocolates?  AND free drinks like, anywhere??

8.)  You don’t even notice the clock tower going off every 15 minutes but can’t ignore the police sirens that go off a billion times a day.

9.)  You are happy Harvey is closed so you don’t have to walk up Harvey Hill and four flights of stairs anymore.

10.) You are following UW-Stout Problems, UW-Stout Secret Admirers and every other affiliated page on Twitter and Facebook.

11.) You’ve questioned if you have survived a zombie apocalypse when you walk around campus on the weekend or during hunting opener.

12.) You have memorized what days of the week they serve Pasta Bar, Stir n’ Wok and Southwest Sizzle at The Commons.

13.) You know exactly where “Pink Taco,” “808” and “The Mansion” are and know someone who can get you in.

14.) -20 degrees doesn’t get classes cancelled, nor does it stop us from having a good time.

15.) You are willing to drive a half hour to the nearest Chipotle.

16.) You have become an avid Walmart shopper.

17.) Your Mondays become a little bit brighter when you see the muffin lady.

18.) You know you attend the best college ever and are having the time of your life.


*Gifs thanks to giphy.com