10 Ways to Make You Feel Like Your Life is Together

Being in college can be hard. We have to balance our social life, our academics, our finances, and most of the time, our jobs. It can be easy to let everything slip through the cracks of life. Here are some ways to not let that happen to ensure that you are living your best life. 

1. Keep a planner

Plan that jazz out girl! How do you expect that pretty mind to keep track of everything going on in your life? You don't have to remember it all. Just write it down and check it often. 

2. Stick to a routine

Give yourself something to get used to. Not saying that you can never break that routine, but it's healthy to come out of your routine sometimes. However, it is helpful to keep track of things going on in your life if it happens the same time every week.

3. Give yourself a break

It is essential to every living being to get a break from time to time. 

4. Watch your bank balance on your phone

 An easy way to keep track of your money is to check it on your phone if your bank has an app. Before you go out to eat with your buds or splurge online, check to make sure that's a smart decision at the time. 

5. Make sure you are getting plenty of sleep

Get that beauty sleep, hun! That means putting your phone away and resting those pretty eyes. Your body needs to rejuvenate. 

6. Set aside specific time to do homework

If you think that you are struggling to find the motivation to do your homework, try picking a specific time and place ahead of time that you are going to get some stuff done. Dedicate yourself to this. 

7. Listen to the right kind of music

You are what you listen to. If a specific kind of music wakes you up in a good and energized mood, set a morning playlist. If a particular genre of music really helps you study, use that!

8. Keep some plants in your living space

This may seem a little random, but something about plants and flowers make a room seem so much more alive and productive. 

9. Organize your stuff the night before

When you have some time the night before, pick out your outfit for the next day and pack your backpack. You will sleep better knowing you are prepared and the next morning you won't feel so rushed.

10. Clean your room

Or your whole apartment. Or just your bathroom. Whatever needs it. Something about cleaning up a space just makes me feel much better and productive. 

Life is hard, but that doesn't mean that you can't deal with whatever is thrown your way. Whatever works for you, use that to take the hectic out of your life.