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10 Signs You’re Dating the Right Person

1.     They make life easier.

When you come home from a long day of work or school, your significant other offers you a backrub to make you feel a little better.

2.     They still choose to date you after seeing you in the morning. 

We all know that no one looks good in the morning, so when you wake up looking like Godzilla and they aren’t scared, you’ve found the one. 

3.     When you recieve good news they are the first person you want to tell.

Being in college, when you recieve exciting news, such as an internship or job opportunity, you know you’ve found the right one when they’re the first person you call to deliver the great news. 

4.     You see a future with them.  

When you’ve considered and accepted that you’re okay with sharing half of your bed and giving up Friday nights out with the girls every weekend, you know you’ve found the one.

5.     You hang out for hours, but still can’t seem to get enough of them.

When it is time to part ways for a while, you have a hard time leaving because all you want to do is keep hanging out with them.

6.     They are your support system.

They support you and whatever decision you make, even if it isn’t the one they would make. 

7.     You trust each other.

You don’t have to question each other about things because you trust what they have to say and know they wouldn’t lie to you.

8.     Having fun isn’t an issue and laughing together is a routine.

They are your source of fun and there is never a dull moment because you feed off each others energy.

9.     They bring out the best in you.

Your significant other brings out the side of you that you didn’t even know that you had. They make you someone you enjoy and can’t get enough of. 

10. Everyone else is background noise compared to your significant other.

In your eyes, no other person compares to your hunny because you feel like you have the world, and chances are, you do. 

Hi, I am a Junior at UW-Stout and I am in the PCEM major with a concentration in Journalism.
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