Women to Know: Ayana Ife

Meet Ayana Ife.

Ayana is a 27 year old designer from Salt Lake City, Utah, who brought her talent--and her dreams of changing the fashion industry--to season 16 of Project Runway. Ayana is the first notable modest designer on the show, and successfully showed us that you don't have to sacrifice your beliefs to be stylish. Instead, she incorporated her modest fashion, including to-die-for hijabs, in her runway looks. After dazzling the judges throughout the season, pushing her own boundaries as a designer, and showing the fashion world that conservative doesn't mean boring, Ayana was a runner up, and rocked the runway at New York Fashion Week with her designs.

These are some of her best looks from season 16

This season of Project Runway was the first to feature models of all sizes. Paired with Ayana's modest designs, it was refreshing to see the fashion industry embracing all kinds of women.

Check out Ayana's instagram @ayanaife or her etsy shop to keep up with the ways she's changing the fashion industry. Ayana has made modest cool. This certainly isn't the last you'll hear of her.