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Are you aware that UWL has a ~Relaxation Room~? 

I’d heard vague whispers of such a place my freshman year when living in the dorms as Res Life tried to expose you to as many features of campus as possible. But never in that year did I explore the idea of a calming place as such on campus, as I could just run back to my dorm between classes and take a nap if wanted. 

Now, as a tired and busy student living off campus, a 15 minute walk to and from campus is not plausible for the breaks I have when a class lets out early or I have an odd half hour gap after a power lecture. After nearly falling asleep in my first class one early Tuesday morning, I decided to spend my gap discovering what this room offered. 

And I wasn’t disappointed.

Located on the second floor of Centennial Hall in the Counseling and Testing Center, the Relaxation room is a small, dimly lit room with three cozy leather recliners in it. Free to students at any time, all you need to do to access the room is check in at the front desk. At your first visit, the staff will make you aware of the policies of the room, asking that you respect the privacy of other students, leave everything as nice as you found it, and if listening to music, wear earbuds. They also ask that if the room becomes busy, you limit your visit to 30 minutes so other students can utilize the room as well, however otherwise you are free to stay as long as you like! However, on any trips I’ve made, I’ve been the only student there! 

Along with the three recliners, the room has pillows, blankets, and heated massage pads for your use! So whether you need a little shut eye between classes or a massage from all the stress your classes gift you, check this room out!

Lauren is a sophomore at UW-La Crosse studying communications, business administration, and digital studies and design. In her rare spare time she enjoys reading, hiking, listening to music, and anything to do with Harry Potter or coffee.
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