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New Year, New U

This semester at UWL, the place to be is the new Student Union! Not only is this a chill environment for studying, it also has great food, and lots of opportunities for fun as well. With a movie theatre, live music, and a "game room," every student on campus wants to hang out here. 

Every Friday and Saturday, The U has free movies that have recently came out! This is great for college students as anything free will always bring in people and because movies are popular with almost everyone. In the basement of the U, along with the movie theatre, there is also a "game room." It has basketball, darts, fooseball, pool, and Pac-Man stations. For students who want to have fun but don't have a lot of money and don't have a car, the U has a lot of offer. 

In addition to the great entertainment options at the U, they also have awesome food. I reccommend the cheeseburger from the Pizza Grill in the basement. Equally as great are the tacos and the grilled cheese sandwiches. You can purchase these items with your maroon dollars, block meals, or a debit/credit card. But be forewarned, once you start spending, it is difficult to stop. I have already spent $40 of my maroon dollars and need to slow down on my spending habits if I want to have maroon dollars at the end of the semester. 

Right now, the only problem with the U is the lack of seating available. However, this is only because the U is so popular right now. There are a lot more seating options than there was at Cartwright. I don't see this issue going away in the future as The U should be a popular hangout and study spot for students for awhile. 



Sophomore at UW La Crosse majoring in Biomedical Sciences
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