My Best Friend is a Boy, and It’s Not Like That

Yes, you read that right. Not only is my best friend a boy, but I’ve known him for less than a year and he doesn’t live close by. And while you can count on us facetiming on the daily, it’s far from the usual boy-girl long distance relationship. 

You know that one friend you can always rely on to listen to your complaining, no matter how dramatic you’re being? While my best friend will no doubt pick up the phone and listen anytime, he’ll always tell me the truth behind my overreactions and give it to me straight. When everyone else is quick to comfort, console, and cry, he refuses to lie to me just to make me feel better for a few extra minutes. Although that may seem harsh, it’s refreshing to have someone that I can always trust to be honest, and that just so happens to be a boy.

For some reason, they don’t seem to have the same tolerance for drama as us, and while you may think that’s an incorrect stereotype, in this case it seems to make sense. Never before have I completely trusted someone enough to not filter my thoughts, even though he may call me an idiot for double texting a boy who’s clearly uninterested. 

Even when he roasts me, there are no hurt feelings, and I’ve learned that I can dish it right back without offending him, which isn’t always possible with girls. Not only does this keep me humble but it also never fails to crack me up even if I’m feeling down. Even though he can tease me like no other, like a brother, if anyone else dares he would no doubt be the first to defend me.

I don’t think I will truly be able to give having a guy best friend justice. So far, I’ve made it seem that all he’s good for is being rude and making fun of me. But in fact, he is able to offer me advice from a different, male perspective. As my wingman and best friend, he’s been giving me all the guy advice I didn’t think I needed. But as you all know, boys aren’t easy to understand. So, having him help me out when my flirting game is so clearly lacking or I’m getting mixed signals is an absolute blessing.

Our friendship is not all one-sided. While he can boost my confidence and help me see things in a new light, I act as a female voice of reason that he can also bank on. I’m not saying to give up on all your lovely girlfriends, but I would absolutely encourage you to cherish your boy besties because I love mine.