How to Tie a Head Scarf

When I needed to learn how to tie a head scarf, I found it so hard to find a simple tutorial. Here is my tutorial for a simple knot in a head scarf!


First, you’ll want a square scarf. Sometimes these larger scarves are harder to find in stores, but make sure to spread them out and see if they will work, typically three feet around works nicely, but it’s up to you. I have longer rectangle scarves that I fold into squares, those work as well.

Secondly, fold the scarf into a triangle, by taking one corner and bringing it together with the opposite angle.

Next, place the scarf on your head with the straight edge across your forehead, the two longer ends on either side of your head and the short point in the back.

Then, take the longer ends and tie them together.


Then take the short end and wrap it over the knot and tuck it in.

Lastly, tie the two ends together again in a bow, or a simple knot .

This is a basic head scarf knot, and can do this on the side for a cute side knot.

There are so many fun designs of scarves you can find. One trick that I learned was if you have a hard time finding scarves big enough to be head scarf, head to a nearby fabric store and get one yard of a fun fabric and then sew the edges so they don’t fray and you have a fun new headscarf! You can get more fabric for a bigger scarf.

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