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Four Local Clothing Shops to Support in the Downtown

Recently, across the U.S., there has been a major push to support small local business. A trend very familiar to La Crosse and one which has flourished greatly since the revival of “downtown” shopping; a concept that was mainly overthrown by an assurgency of shopping malls. Now more than ever are we seeing the decline of our very own shopping mall, Valley View, and the exceedingly growing rate of local shops opening up in vacant spaces downtown, La Crosse. This is especially exciting for some, who have grown up in this area and remember when downtown storefronts resembled a ghost town, and you were lucky to see anyone walking down the sidewalk. Besides bar revenue, downtown was struggling. Now, with new local businesses and restaurants popping up, food trucks abound, and fun events being planned monthly downtown is thriving. This is great news for students at UW-L who want to be a part of a close community. Also great for college students is the accessibility to the excellent clothing stores the downtown area has to offer. As the season starts changing and you get that itch to buy new clothes to flaunt on campus, take a look at what downtown has to offer for fashionable clothing options. Here are four great shops to check out to keep small business booming:


  1. Dales

 121 4th Street, La Crosse, WI 54601

Dales is an independent retailer supplying La Crosse with on-trend unique clothes. The store has a massive collection of both casual and dressy clothing for men and women. It’s a go-to spot if you need something for a night out on the town. They even have a lower level with resale clothing if you’re on a budget. The best part is that Dale (owner) is more than willing to style you and pick out some rocking pieces. Just tell him what you’re searching for, and he’ll do the rest!



    Grand Bluff Running Company

      509 Main St., La Crosse, WI 54601

      Exercise and sports play a large role at UW-L, so Grand Bluff Running Company is essential to downtown because it’s a great alternative to purchasing workout wear from a large company. The employees are always incredibly cool and willing to help you pick out a new pair of running shoes or point you to what apparel you’re looking for.  The store itself is tiny, but they focus on stocking mainly the essentials: workout leggings and tops, shoes, and smaller miscellaneous items.



      1. Prairie La Crosse

      535 Main St, La Crosse, WI 54601

      I discovered this store two summers ago, and am so glad I did. This store is a hidden treasure. A chunk of originality one needs in their life. Two friends from California own this little vintage shop. The shop is packed with classic finds from areas both around the coulee region and California alike! I have bought many a piece of clothing here. The prices are fair, and the pieces always make the best outfits. Be sure to check online before stopping in, as they do have abnormal hours of operation.


      1. A&S Clothing Co.

      506 Main St, La Crosse, WI 54601

      A&S Clothing Co is a new endeavor, only being open for less than a year. They specialize in boutique clothing at reasonable prices. The style of apparel they carry is both sophisticated and fun, giving you an effortless look perfect for a college campus. They mainly cater to women’s fashion, but there are a few men’s items as well.






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