Fall Activity Bucketlist

As fall is quickly approaching our lovely Wisconsin winter, make sure to check off all of the items on your fall bucket list. Whether you are looking for fun weekend activities to do with the roomies or just need a quick break from homework, here are 10  fall activities to check off your seasonal bucket list.  

  1. Go apple picking at a local orchard- there are tons to choose from in La Crosse's neighboring city, La Crescent, which is just over the blue bride on the Mississippi River. 

  1. Decorate your porch with fall flair- let your imagination run wild, this  could be decorating with fall lights, arranging pumpkins and gourds, or adding an artistic prop that fits with the fall theme. 

  1.  Go to a football game- with the UW-La Crosse Eagles season winding down it is a great time to go see one of their games. If you are looking for a bigger event going to a Badger or Packer game with friends is a great day trip. 

  1. Rake Leaves/ Jump in them- have fun outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. 

  1. Make caramel apples- this is a super yummy activity that everyone can individualize and the supplies are relatively inexpensive. 

  1.  Go for a hike- Hixon is always beautiful, but especially during fall. With it close location there are countless paths and routes to take.  

  1. Roast pumpkin seeds- a yummy seasonal treat. 

  1. Go on a hayride- there are multiple  locations offering this activity near La Crosse that are also normally in the same venue as pumpkin patches. 

  1. Create a fall scrapbook- fill it with pictures from all of the fun activities with your friends.  

  1.  Go on a picnic- as the days to winter are decreasing a picnic is a wonderful way to celebrate the beauty of the fall with delicious fall treats.