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Everything the Star Wars Sequels Should Have Been Part III

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UW Lax chapter.

Everything the Star Wars Sequels Should Have Been Part III

I originally wrote what I would have done with the sequels first and it was about 12,000+ words, which is totally unnecessary. A lot of what I wrote ended up being in the last post (I wasn’t going to have stuff from the EU in there, but it happened anyway because… listen, it had to end up that way, that’s how the story flowed) so I feel like I don’t need to completely go through everything again.

However, my original plans did differ structurally from the last post so I’ll take out most of the details and we’ll go from there.

Episode VII: Mamma Mia Here We Go Again

Leia is a senator based in Coruscant. I really want Mara Jade to be in these but I’m still trying to be respectful of how George views his characters so she’s going to be Leia’s BFF/Bodyguard instead of Luke’s wife. Maybe they had a thing, but that’ll be up to the viewers. Anyway, Mara was an force-sensitive imperial assassin back in the day, but now she’s on the good side and she’s helping Leia fight Vergere (a character adapted from the EU as well) who’s rallying a fleet against the New Republic. Han is off-planet with Chewie and Luke. They’re trying to control an uprising of old Imperial leaders led by Vergere on the outer-rim jungle planet of Felucia. Luke has disbanded his Jedi school to help his sister and the Republic (he has done so a few times previously as well on separate occasions).

The Solo twins, Jacen and Jaina (mid-twenties), along with their younger brother Anakin Solo, travel to troubled planets such as Phindar (a tropical planet known for selling illegal technology), Gyndine (a moderate planet old Hutt Cartel territories with huge shipyards), and tropical Rishi (“a real pirate dive”) on an exclusive mission from their mother to figure out where Vergere’s fleet is coming from.

Jaina is the best and worst of her parents, sometimes she’s smart but other times she’s a complete goon. She struggles to control the Force and most times it seems like she’d rather fight the hard way versus being diplomatic. Jacen definitely is the more calm out of both of them and he’s extremely strong in the force, often sensing things before others or sensing things before they happen. Anakin, like his namesake is a good pilot, but unlike his grandfather, is not Force-sensitive.

They come back to Coruscant when they’re done adventuring and we get some character build-up/background including Jaina being a very angry individual though she insists she’s not angry she’s “just pissed off” and Jacen telling her that sith’s can sense that and she has to be careful. Anakin, also very unlike his namesake, minds his own business because he has done nothing wrong ever in his life and he’d like to keep it that way and that means staying out of his sibling’s fights.

Then, at the end of the movie, Han and Luke call in for back up because Vergere has started the battle and it’s not going well. The Solo kids take some troops and head off. The battle turns and it’s looking okay. Then Anakin dies saving Chewie (Anakin Solo also dies in battle in the EU). Jacen Freaks OutTM and takes out the rest of Vergere’s troops like Anakin Skywalker did to the Sandpeople in Episode 2. Vergere watches this and says into her wrist communicator, “We’ve been watching the wrong Solo. It’s the boy.”

Anakin Solo’s funeral is on Coruscant and Han is so upset about the whole thing that he yeets off without telling anybody. Leia wants to go after him but Luke says that she’s got shit to do and that he’ll go. So Luke leaves in his VintageTM X-Wing. Jacen has another subsequent freak out and blames the Republic for dragging them into another war and swears revenge on Vergere. We get a shot of Jacen and Jaina looking out the window of building in Coruscant almost identical to the shot of Luke and Leia at the end of The Empire Strikes Back.

Episode VIII: Uh Oh Spaghetti-O

Luke is out looking for Han still. Meanwhile, Jacen and Jaina lead missions looking for Vergere. Jaina does something so goony and so stupid on a mission that, even though Jacen covers for her, Leia finds out and holds her back from the next assignment. Jaina undergoes some character development while she’s been grounded and actually starts to think a bit for once.

Jacen goes on a mission to rescue a Jedi (a student from one of Luke’s earlier Jedi schools) kidnapped by Vergere’s army. Turns out the Jedi is actually a sith based on Lumiya from the EU, and she gets Jacen all riled up about his brother and the Republic and eventually tricks him into going with her to kill Vergere instead of going back to Coruscant.

R2, who the Sith thought they had de-programmed, gets himself back and working and sends a hologram recording of the whole thing to Leia. Mara Jade recognizes the Sith from her days working for the Empire. Leia messages Luke that Jacen’s in trouble and, since he’s closer, he sets off to go stop him. Jaina, who hears this whole thing, decides that she’s had enough character development for one day and refuses to think this situation through, also runs off to stop Jacen.

Jacen and the Sith approach Vergere and it turns out Vergere is the Sith’s master. It looks like Jacen’s about to get murked but The Sith turns on Vergere and both she and Jacen defeat her. The Sith leaves under the pretext of taking control of Vergere’s ship. Really though, she knows Luke has just landed and she’s leaving so Jacen will fight him. Leia, on Coruscant, who has been waiting for like 15 whole minutes is absolutely sick of it and decides to get her boy herself.

Jacen and Luke do end up dueling, though Luke doesn’t want to, and Jaina shows up. R2 follows her and she follows the signs of the Duel as Luke and Jacen move around the compound/shipyard. Eventually, Jaina catches up with them. Jacen Force-shuts the door on her and Jaina tries to slice her way through it with her lightsaber but to no avail. Then she sits down and concentrates and Force-opens the door… just in time to see Luke stabbed by Jacen. She loses her shit and tries to fight Jacen- even succeeding in cutting off part of his hand. However, the Sith watches and interrupts their fight. Jacen is in a delicate-enough state that he might turn back to the light if he’s forced to fight his twin like this anymore.

Luke dies in Jaina’s arms, but not before telling her to finish her training. Jaina is like, “I can’t do that if you die!” And he goes, “No, there is another.” (like Yoda says in TESB) and tells her to go to a certain star system. Then he fades away.

The ship is lifting off and R2 pokes Jaina until she gets off her butt and gets off the ship before it takes off. They have no option but to jump off. Jaina pushes R2 out the hatch and he screams… but before he hits the ground Jaina holds him up with the Force. Jaina barely manages to stop herself from hitting the ground too and then they make it to her ship. They fly away and meet Leia’s ship about halfway back to Coruscant. They hug because Jaina is crying profusely and the ship flies away.

Episode IX: Nostalgia Boiiii

“War looms over the Galaxy. Jacen Solo, now known as the sith apprentice Darth Caedus, rampages through the galaxy, destroying New Republic strongholds. He and his fleet raid prisons, freeing Republic enemies and merging them into their armies on the planet Gyndine, gathering forces for their attack on the New Republic.

Senator Leia Organa and other New Republic senators hide on the ocean planet Mon Cala, operating in secret as they face Caedus’ hired assassins.

Meanwhile, Jaina Solo combs remote stretches of the galaxy for her missing father, Han Solo, unaware Caedus has begun a desperate search for his Jedi sister…”

Okay so basically jacen and Jaina have this run-in and Jaina manages to allude him but he could definitely beat her in a fight if he wanted to. Jaina goes back and talks to Leia. Leia is like, you’re dad’s pissing me off so forget about him for a second. You have to do what Luke said and finish your training.” Then we find out Leia tried to train as a Jedi but she was too impatient and stubborn for it and chose to remain a senator. Leia doesn’t want Jaina the same for Jaina. Jaina agrees to go find this Jedi master Luke was telling her about and Leia sets off to find Han.

Jaina heads to that star system and guess what? That Jedi master is Ahsoka Tano. Boom. We love Ahsoka. Of course she’s in a movie.

Leia finds Han and is like, “Your kids are screwing up the galaxy.” And he’s like, “Oh shit Darth Caedus is mine? ?.” But he had been looking for her and the twins since he heard of a new Sith lord, he just couldn’t find her because she was in hiding. Anyway, they get all organized until, uh oh, Leia’s parentage is revealed, and they have to run from the Senate and Darth Caedus’ army. Eventually though, they find out Darth Caedus has a plan to attack Coruscant, Brentaal IV, Corellia, and Selonia all at the same time and Leia calls on the Republic to believe her and guess what? She’s freaking Leia Organa, they trust her, and they get ready to fight.

Jaina has been training with Ahsoka and the Force ghosts of Obi-Wan, Yoda, Qui-Gon (who’s the one who figured out how to be a Force-ghost), and Luke. Anakin Skywalker’s Force ghost visits Jacen and tells him to tighten the hell up but Jacen doesn’t listen. Jacen goes through with his attacks. Jaina, now a Jedi master and able to control the Force and her emotions, senses Jacen’s up to something stupid. So she leaves to stop him.

To wrap it up, Jaina and Jacen fight. Ahsoka also shows up even though she was wounded from her battle with Vader all those years ago and fights the Sith who fights with three red lightsabers hovering around her, controlled by the Force (this is based on Darth Treya who’s like this really ancient sith lord who’s really cool). Eventually, Jacen turns back when Jaina is like, “Dude you wanted to stop all the fighting, now look at you, you dummy.” And he’s like, “Shit, you’re right.” And he turns back to the light and helps kill his Sith master but not before she stabs him. Him and Jaina do one last heroic thing together as twins and then he dies. Jaina and Leia visit Padme’s monument and have Jacen’s funeral pyre on Naboo. Jaina establishes a permanent Jedi school – one free of the politics of the Republic- at the OG Jedi Temple, Leia and Han retire to Naboo (where Han will be annoyed by C-3PO the rest of his life), and Ahsoka semi-retires too… well she just kind of goes off and does her own thing (like she do). The last shot is of Jaina training padawans while all the Force ghosts all give Jaina a big thumbs-up (jk but the ghosts are there).


Well, that sums it up, and since it’s based heavily on the EU, I’m sure there’s similarity to other people’s ideas/videos on what should have happened. I ended up not looking at anything else really, but I’m sure there’s lots of great, fun ideas that other people have as well.

Here’s a link to HISHE’s (How It Should Have Ended)’s take on Rise of Skywalker. It’s not exactly a redo of the Sequels but it is hilarious.