Best Netflix Shows to Binge This Week

1. The Office

You might be thinking, “duh”, but even if you’ve seen it a dozen times, one more time can’t hurt. A few of my favorite episodes: Season 4 Episode 1 & 2, Season 7 Episode 22, and Season 9 Episode 23. (Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey have started an office themed podcast called office ladies- be sure to check that out!)

2. Scandal

I’ve never binged a show the way I binged this one. Talk about a good show that does not fail to deliver on the dramatics. Add in a few political scandals and you are set.

3. Parks and Recreation

Another classic that you can always watch another time. Andy gets me laughing in a way that no other character can. Some part of me aspires to be Leslie Knope. Another classic sarcastic comedy.


4. How to Get Away With Murder

I watched this show while I was studying abroad and it gave me something to do during days that were tough. It reels you in from the first episode to the very end. You will want to be a lawyer by the end of the show.

5. Friends

Do I need to say anymore?

6. New Girl

Arguably my favorite show of all time. Nick Miller is by far my favorite character and his romance with Jess is one for the books. Please watch! You will not be disappointed.


7. Gossip Girl

Almost every girl I know watched this show sometime during their high school years and if you did not, make sure to watch it now. You’ve got to learn to love and hate each of the characters like the rest of us do.

8. Young and Hungry

Another one of my favorites. One of the best romances from all of these shows.


9. Gilmore Girls

This is the feel good of all feel good shows out there. You will want to be the younger Lorelai and have the other one be your mom. You will also want to live in Stars Hollow.

10. Unbelievable

This is the only one on this list I have not watched. The preview looks incredible as I love a classic mystery show! Cannot wait to binge this one this week.


Hope you enjoy all of these shows as much as I do and that they put a smile on your face!