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5 Things To Do Instead Of Going Out This Semester

1. Go On A Friend’s Camping Trip 

Find a campground, gather your friends, load up the car, and go! Roast marshmellows around the fire, take a nap in the hammock, and enjoy the fresh air while making some memories with the gang. 

2. Watch The Sunrise/Sunset

Fill the back of the car/truck with a ton of blankets and pillows and find a perfect spot to watch the sun do it’s thing! Bring coffee or wine depending on the time of day, also.

3. Find A New Trail To Hike

Take a path you’ve never taken before or ask a friend for one they like and explore some places you didn’t know existed.

4. Have A Movie Day With A Twist

Use all your sheets/blankets to make a fort and watch all those Netflix movies you’ve been wanting to watch. Old disney favorites are never a bad idea!

5. Game Day By The River

FInd a cute boy/girl and/or a couple friends, take a blanket + your favorite games to riverside park, and appreciate a nice sunny day. Bring snacks for best results!



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