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10 Thoughts Every UW-L Student Has about Going to Class in the Winter

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UW Lax chapter.

1. My bed is way too warm and cozy to leave right now. 

2. How many excused absences do I have left before I get points deducted?

3. There has to be someone I can ask to take notes for me.

4. I wonder if I can beg one of my roommates to drive me to class.

5. I’m just going to lay in my warm bed for ten more minutes. 

6. Let me check my email, maybe my professor cancelled class. 

7. Are we really doing anything important today?

8. I’m actually not feeling the best. Maybe I should email my professor and tell them I won’t be making it today. 

9. Fine, I’ll go to class but I deserve coffee for getting out of bed. 

10. I am crawling right back into my bed as soon as I get home.