What to Buy Before you go Abroad

While studying abroad, there are a few items essential to have by your side during your everyday experiences. I mean, who knows what unexpected adventure is coming next?

While I studied in Barcelona, Spain, these essentials remain a constant for abroad students.


For all my world travelers, here is what ya need before you leave the homeland:


1. Portable charger

This is the most necessary, I repeat the MOST necessary. This will help you avoid serious dire situations. When you go abroad and begin to travel, your phone quite literally is your lifeline. So, when your phone is dead, you’re dead - ya feel me? If you already have one, great! Pack it up. If not, go buy that ASAP.


Photo by Steve Johnson


2. Comfortable walking shoes

Maybe it’s your vans, Nike sneaks, or flat black booties-- shoes fit everyone differently, but it’s important to know your go-to walking shoe. Find what works best for you. Whatever it is, having a solid pair of walking shoes is the best gift you can get yourself, because you are going to walk all over creation. Even in your most comfortable shoes, you still might be sore. So, pack some bandaids and your best attitude, blisters will be a small price to pay for the time of your life.


Photo by Alex Rosenberger


3. A cross body purse 

You want a solid bag with secure pockets that you can keep close and someone can’t easily steal. Pickpocketing is real AF and they are ruthless. That is all.


4. A USB/outlet adapter

This is kinda obvious, but it’s just better to get this before you leave so you can find one that’s reliable and decently priced. Again, you will bring this everywhere with you and it’s smarter to just have it, so you don’t have to stress once you arrive. Also make sure the one you purchase doesn’t just have one outlet; you want a few different ones for all the various electronics you will be plugging in.


5. Sleep mask!

This will help you get your much-needed beauty rest wherever you are, especially on that first long flight across the pond. You are about to be traveling almost every weekend, while it is super exciting, it is also very exhausting. So, whether you’re on a plane, train, car, or boat, you will be able to say GN wherever you are.


Photo by Shopify Partners


6. Lastly, I had to throw in a what not to bring:

Do NOT bring your straightener, curler, or blow dryer unless you want to fry off all the hair that is on your head. The voltage is higher in Europe, it won’t work the same, and your hairdresser will be horrified when you return. You can try to find one online that will be compatible voltage wise, but to be safe you’re better off just buying one when you get there.


If you pack these essentials you will be ready for success. Congratufreakinglations, you are about to have the best 4 months of your life and I’m so jealous it’s stupid.


XOXO for now,