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Ways to Be Politically Engaged in College

Whether you’re a political-guru, you feel ignorant or decided to give up on the ever-changing political world years ago, it’s difficult to deny that politics are valuable and affect us all. Either way, as a college student, it’s easy to get lost in your day-to-day life and block out the craziness that’s occurring outside of your campus, but we should all try our best to stay politically engaged in the ways that we can. It can feel hopeless sometimes like you’re screaming into the void of political abyss. So what can you do? Here are a few realistic, easy steps to implement into your everyday college routine:

1. Make a list 

Make a list of political and/or social issues that you are particularly passionate about, and want to be more knowledgeable about. Kind of like a new years’ resolutions list, but focused outwards, not inwards! Chances are there are certain issues that make you wanna speak out and do something more than others. Seeing them all written out will allow you to feel less overwhelmed when thinking about all that’s going on in the world, and you will be able to focus in on what you’re really interested in fighting for and supporting, and you will start noticing and seeking out more information that has to do with your chosen topics.

Sample list:

– Gun violence

– Sustainability

– Income disparity

2.  Read up 

Invest in excellent journalism. Most publications have a daily morning or evening email newsletter you can sign up for, for quick, easily digestible storylines. Some are even made up of bullet points to keep you up to date and politically-in-the-know. Once you know enough facts, you will be able to start to formulate your own opinions, and feel more confident in joining those conversations.

3.  Get involved 

Now that you have more of an idea of the ways in which you want to help, and you’ve started reading up about them, it is absolutely crucial to mobilize. Your college most likely has organizations that align with your causes of passion or volunteer agency. It is also more effective than you would think to know and contact your local legislators about issues you want to see change in your area.


Anya Kauffman


Edited by Isabelle Vogell

Anya Kauffman is an English major and music minor at University of Vermont. She is excited to help spread empowering and topical knowledge to fellow college women.
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