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The brains behind UVM Confessions agreed to answer the questions that everyone is dying to know. For those of you who are unaware of what UVM Confessions is—though it seems to have gone viral—it is a Facebook page exclusively for UVM students to anonymously declare their deepest secrets, or sometimes most random thoughts. So, for the first time ever, let’s hear UVM Confession’s confessions.

What gave you the idea to begin UVM Confessions?

I saw that many other colleges have a confessions page and decided to start one of my own! It was pretty good timing as UVM Hookups got deleted off of Facebook so people were looking for another way to share their crazy stories.


Everyone is wondering- how do you find time to post all of the confessions?

Haha, that’s a good question. When it became really popular, I would stay up til 4am to post the confessions. I now have three others helping me to post, and thanks to them, I’m not posting 24/7! I’m not taking many difficult classes currently, so the time commitment isn’t such a big deal.


How do you manage to keep it a secret from all of your friends?

It’s not as much of a secret as it used to be; I think some people know it’s me because I accidentally post confessions from my personal account once in a while.  Others know because when I created the page in February, I invited them to like my page, and I’ve just randomly told some people that I’m the admin. Some others figure it out because I comment and like a lot of confessions from my personal account.


Best thing that has come out of this experience?

Realizing how crazy and fun UVM is! I feel as if some use this page for fun whereas others take it more seriously. I’m glad to see people helping each other out when the confession is about an addiction or other mental disorder. I also find the different nicknames I’m given to be hilarious, such as Harriet the Spy, Gossip Girl, “A” (from the show Pretty Little Liars), and Frank Warren.


Worst thing?

It’s definitely feeding into my Facebook addiction! I’m a huge Facebook addict and need to seek Facebook rehab or something. On a more serious note, I have been getting a lot of confessions about me and most of them are either stupid ( ___ was at my house last night), to plain annoying and rude (I want to have a threesome with ___). There were more about myself and the other admins today. We decided to not post all of them because they are getting really annoying. So I guess I’ve always wanted to be famous (from producing music) and now that some people figured out it’s me who’s administrating the page, they are starting to post random things about me. Sometimes the posts are really rude and it makes me realize that if you’re well known, there will always be some people who will try to mess with you just to get a reaction.


If you could post a confession, what would it be?

I’ve actually posted several (in the vicinity of 7-8). They are all literally about music, because I’m a music geek. But here’s another one: I want to become famous by being the new face of a troll meme.


Has being behind this project changed your opinion of UVM in any way?

Not really actually. College students are crazy, so I was expecting a lot of crazy confessions. Keep ’em coming!

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