Top 5 Favorite Schitt's Creek Moments

As Buzzfeed puts it, “there’s two types of people in this world - people who love Schitt’s Creek, and people who haven’t watched it yet.” So in honor of season six of Schitt’s Creek being released on Netflix, here are my favorite Schitt’s Creek moments from the first five seasons. 

  1. 1. “It’s his sister” Town Sign 

    The dynamic between Johnny and Roland in this scene is hilarious. Roland is offended that Johnny is attacking his family on the town sign, but Johnny is just trying to explain to him what everyone sees when they enter the town. The fact that everyone in that town is oblivious to what it looks like also makes the scene that much more funny.

  2. 2. A Little Bit Alexis

    This is the scene where Alexis performs her iconic theme song from her reality show, "A Little Bit Alexis". The lyrics and dancing in this scene are very funny and very Alexis

  3. 3. David Runs Away 

    This scene was funny for so many reasons. Not only does everyone’s outfits look insane, especially David with his black hood and pitchfork but the fact that David texted Alexis where he was and Moira was more concerned with her bag, makes this scene very on-brand.

  4. 4. Simply the Best 

    When Patrick serenades David by singing Tina Turner’s “You’re Simply the Best” at the Rose Apothecary open mic night. You could just see on their faces how much they loved each other. Such a heartwarming scene

  5. 5. Fold In The Cheese 

    This scene definitely had to make the list. Moira confidently coaches David on her mother’s enchiladas recipe, when they both have no clue how to cook or what “folding in the cheese” means. Moira’s pride and David’s sassiness is what really makes this scene so memorable.

This show never fails to make me laugh. It’s filled with ridiculous outfits, hilarious characters and a heartwarming storyline. It’s a must-watch!