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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UVM chapter.

By: Samantha Romano 

The twenty-year rule is best described as fashion following cycles that repeat every two decades. Style is very cyclical…but also lacks originality. Especially with the widespread normalization of fast fashion, where new trends can be produced and pumped out into the market in one day. 

The early 2020s have birthed no original style.​​ The 60s had mini skirts, and the 90s had denim. Still, there is no distinctive fashion item we associate with our post-pandemic world. UGGS, although, may just be a contender.

Founded in 1978 by Australian surfers living in SoCal, the shoe was synonymous with beach culture. You and I know it better from the early 2000s or, dare I say, the golden age of the boot. It-girls like Paris Hilton were often spotted by paparazzi wearing the shoes with original Juicy Couture tracksuits. UGGs also became a common choice for red carpet accessories. This inadvertently created some of the worst fashion disasters of the era. I highly encourage searching for images of these outfits if you need a good laugh!

 Other popular clothing items to match with UGGs were cargo skirts, skirts over jeans (nightmare fuel), low-waisted denim, and fur-lined puffer jackets. I remember wearing my obnoxiously tall UGGs to Justice (the Y2K equivalent of Artizia but for kids) and buying the brightest, sequin-colored outfits to pair with them!

Parasocial relationships are responsible for the popularization of UGGs. Fans sometimes like to dress in a similar way to their idols. Think of every time you’ve been inspired by your favorite influencer to buy an item. The same feeling possessed consumers after seeing these boots’ dominant paparazzi images in magazines. Additionally, UGGS (and their eventual dupes) were obtainable to the everyday person. The price point wasn’t cheap but not too expensive for the American middle-class wallet. 

So, who brought UGGS back? Miss Bella Hadid. To put it simply, if she wears it, people buy it. Fashion journalists have identified this phenomenon as the Bella Hadid Effect. Pinterest became flooded with images of the supermodel wearing the UGG Classic Mini Platform. According to BYRDIE, searches for that specific style on Pinterest were 17 times higher than last year after Bella stepped out in them. 

Another reason why UGGs are so beloved is their versatility. They’re the perfect shoe to slip on while rushing out the door while simultaneously elevating a simple outfit. UGG mini’s would be a great investment for anyone looking to have a simple, timeless staple in their fall wardrobe. 

Edited By: Sierra Byrne

Hi, I'm Samantha! I'm a PCOMM major at the University of Vermont! I typically write opinion pieces but am excited to explore topics of fashion, lifestyle, and so on!