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Senior Spring Part I                

Dear friends,

            Would you rather be a high school senior right now or a college senior right now? Which one are you more afraid to lose? There are many trends attached to the concept of a Senior Spring. Writers describe their final “lasts” and the emotions associated with them. Advisors stress how important these conclusions are in reflecting on the last four years. These individuals remember and discuss their Senior Week memories and moments. As of now, the Class of 2020 has lost this and more…

So far, my Senior Spring has opened with an incredible trip to Louisiana. While I was down there, a group message with high school friends started to explode with talk of schools closing. They were coming home. I was in New Orleans when Louisiana got their first case. I came home the next day.

The Senior Spring we once knew came to a halt and now is replaced with quarantine. So far it has been filled with the outdoors, navigating online learning, and searching for movies that will make me smarter while I snack. My roommates and I have been shooting hoops or playing tennis outside. Having extra time to bake and cook been one of my favorite pastimes lately. Satisfying my sweet tooth with gluten free brownies and/or M&Ms. Or if I’m feeling savory, I will work on my specialty; GF pasta. What is your snack of choice these days? With the recent switch to remote learning I have not formed a strong opinion yet, are all students experiencing this? 

Senior Week 2020 was supposed to begin on Monday May 11th and last through Friday May 15th. You register by buying a $45.00 package. This package involves food, gifts, and a bracelet that allows you to attend six of UVM’s events. Registration was supposed to open on April 8th. Commencement was scheduled for May 17th, 2020. How do we proceed? Is it best to postpone the ceremony to the Fall or a virtual graduation? Many changes are now upon us, I feel it is important to remember we are all in this together. Whether you’re a first-year, student-athlete, a junior who had abroad cut short, or a member of the class of 2020 we all are facing a great loss.

I truly can’t remember the first time I heard about COVID-19. However, the virus grasped my attention when I was told that friends of friends were returning home from their semesters abroad. I recognize that the semester isn’t over. Although commencement isn’t supposed to proceed as planned, together we will figure out how this history will play out. During this confusing time all feelings are valid and I want to hear what YOU have to say. We are all in this together, keep an eye out for the Senior Spring Part II reflection coming in May!  




Stay home, stay safe, stay cognizant! 




Ready to dominate my fourth and final year!!! Burlington, VT is my home.
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