Meet the Ice Cats!

(Photo by UVM Photo from the Varsity Hockey game October 28, 2016)


Meet the Ice Cats Figure Skating performance team of UVM!

The Ice Cats is an elite figure skating performance team at the University of Vermont the performs in local shows and every home Varsity Hockey game for men and women. Ice Cats was started three years ago by Shayna Moellenberg, a professional skater with a great knowledge base of the sport. Ever since, the Ice Cats have been participating in on campus events and have a great reputation for their support of Hockey and the school. Watch the Ice Cats at the next Hockey Game! 

Names: Shayna Moellenberg, Meredyth Parsons, Gabrielle Kalinin, Alexis Ziegler, Jessica Beaulieu, Lily Becker, Lily Anderson, Sonia Richmond, Emma Hoey

Team: Ice Cats 




HC: What is it like for you to perform for so many people?

Lily B: Terrifying! Fun!

Meredyth: Definitely a nerve racking experience but it's nice to skate for a team because everyone supports each other. I literally spun on my butt in the middle of the program but my entire team was with me and I felt supported anyways


HC: What makes you feel strong as a skater?

Gabrielle: When I get a new skill that I've been working hard on..the rush of landing a jump you've worked really worked for. Or, I literally feel strong when I lift a human being above my head for Ice Cats games. 


HC: What does your training consists of diet wise to keep you going through all these practices?

Alexis: Must have protein must have veggie must have carb in each meal. Especially when I skate in the morning

Lily B: Protein and veggies are most important. Lots of healthy snacks to keep me going thru the day between practices

Meredyth: Huge fan of smoothies


HC: What is practice like? 

Gabrielle: Practice is so much fun because you're with all your best friends, bonding over something we all love. And just the excitement of learning new choreography and challenging ourselves to find one aspect of our skating skills or performance skills we can improve 


HC: Do you have time for other hobbies? Emma: I actually do make a lot of time for my hobbies life writing (for Her Campus), reading, and yoga when I’m not at practice. It’s great because even after a hard practice I can unwind with a later yoga class, which keeps me active and relaxed too.